Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 276: The truth comes to light

Chapter 276: The truth comes to light

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After taking this stranger's call, Zhao Da Yong remained silent for a very long time.

The last sentence the man said kept replaying in his mind like a curse.

You'll have to live with harassment from the media and the curses of others for your entire life...

Only a few days had passed and this was already driving him crazy. He couldn't imagine this dragging on for the rest of his life.

Although he wasn't sure who called, everything the man said was true.

He was fearless before because the media and public were on his side.

But now, nobody believed anything he said; the people who were on his side had turned against him. Not only was he unable to threaten Han Xian Yu, he was even despised by everyone.

With that thought, Zhao Da Yong's final psychological barrier slowly collapsed...

A few days later.

After the online crusade against Zhao Da Yong intensified and angry citizens staged several violent protests, Zhao Da Yong posted a note on his Weibo indicating that he would like to have another press conference to clarify the matter and tell the truth.

On the day of the press conference, the entire place was flooded with people. It was even more crowded than the last one.

The husband and wife hung their heads low and stood in front of the media and an agitated audience with defeated looks.

Zhao Da Yong looked very haggard and sallow from the vicious attacks from the public. His face was filled with panic and fear.

Once the press conference began, he immediately rushed to present the speech he prepared earlier to clear his name, "Han Xian Yu did not molest or violate my daughter at all. All this was made up by me so that I could receive compensation from him.

I was the one who taught my daughter to say those things while I recorded them, and I was also the one who convinced my wife to help me lie to the media. However, I'm really not a paedophile—never have I done those things to my daughter. My only aim from the beginning was to extort some money from Han Xian Yu..."

Upon hearing what Zhao Da Yong said, there was a brief moment of silence followed by an uproar.

"Oh my god! Han Xian Yu was really framed!"

"Exactly how cunning is this couple?! They could do something so despicable to someone who helped them?"

"They're shameless!"


Zhao Da Yong really wanted the media to let him off so he apologized with the utmost sincerity, "I've already gone to court to revoke the lawsuit. I am sorry; I am deeply sorry to the media that has helped me, sorry to the netizens who supported and cheered us on, sorry to my daughter and wife and of course, I'm deeply apologetic to Mr. Han Xian Yu...

'I've really learned my lesson. I was greedy and wasn't thinking straight, and I hope everyone can forgive me..."

Zhao Da Yong finished his apology and took a deep bow. Li Qiao Hong, who was next to him, also apologized to everyone.

When the audience heard the couple's apologies, they felt indignant at the injustice and cursed in rage.

"They think just an apology will do? They're just playing us like fools!"

"You used our sympathy with evil intentions; you're too much!"

Those die-hard fans of Han Xian Yu were in tears when they heard Zhao Da Yong's confession and apology.

"I knew Xian Yu would never do such a thing! The media and netizens had the nerve to defend Zhao Da Yong and his wife in the beginning—aren't they the ones who should be apologizing?"

"Thank god we made it to this day! We finally did it! We waited for this day when the truth comes to light!"

"Justice may be delayed but it'll always appear!"

Jin garden:

Ye Wanwan sighed as she watched the live telecast and listened to the crowd shouting that phrase "Justice may be delayed but it'll always appear" with burning anger.

This phrase was originally from the phrase "Justice delayed is justice denied," which meant that if legal redress was available but wasn't forthcoming in a timely fashion, it was effectively the same as having no redress at all. However, in the process of translation, it slowly evolved into the phrase spoken by the crowd.

In her past life, Han Xian Yu did manage to get justice in the end but by then, his entire life was already ruined. What's the point of having delayed justice?

Justice delayed is not worthy of being called justice at all.

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