Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 283: Worried that you won't be used to living here

Chapter 283: Worried that you won't be used to living here

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"Aren't you going?" Ye Wanwan's worried little face brightened up instantly.

"No," a certain someone replied, without a change in expression.

"...!" Xu Yi was totally dumbfounded.

Master, how could you do this? Since when was I going overseas?

Aren't you the one who's going?

Have you forgotten that you just approved my annual leave today?

Xu Yi already somehow understood Ye Wanwan's situation. Although his master agreed to let her roam freely outside, his intention was to let her suffer for a bit, then she would return to him out of her own volition.

Who knew that since his master let her out, not only did she not encounter any difficulties, she even thrived outside, becoming more and more out of his control. She would seize any opportunity to hide further and further away, so how could his master not be mad!

He initially thought that his master's fury would last longer this time, but it turned out this woman didn't plan on moving out herself—she even wanted to bring his master along...

In the end, a certain housekeeper watched with a tear-stained face as a certain BOSS of his, who was supposed to be flying to Paris, followed Ye Wanwan to their new place. Just like that, he was forced to go overseas instead...


Grand View Park:

"This is the place..." Ye Wanwan opened the door, turned on the lights and gave Si Ye Han a pair of slippers.

Si Ye Han scanned the interior of the place with his icy gaze. He then saw the boxes Ye Wanwan stacked against the wall and his dark eyes grew dimmer.

Ye Wanwan didn't bring many things over, obviously just treating this place as a temporary spot for the convenience of her work. But instead, she prepared quite a few items for him—he had everything he needed there. Even the slippers on his feet were the same ones he had at Jin garden.

Ye Wanwan brought the ingredients to the kitchen and mumbled, "Actually, this dorm isn't bad but I was worried that you wouldn't be used to living here, so I got the servants at home to prepare a set of things you usually use. Oh, I considered even bringing Great White along to play, but I was afraid it would frighten everyone. Thankfully, I won't be staying here often unless duty calls. Oh right, baby, do you eat that..."

Ye Wanwan was busy washing the vegetables when all of a sudden, something tightened around her waist and in the next second, she was forced into a warm embrace.

At that moment, that familiar, distinct cool breath overpowered her and assaulted all her senses...

Being hugged by him from the back without warning, Ye Wanwan blinked and stopped what she was doing. "What's wrong?"

Behind her, he didn't say a word as he tightened his grip around her, planting cold kisses on her ear, her neck...


Just at that moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Ye Wanwan hurriedly turned her head and said, "There's someone at the door!"

The gloominess in Si Ye Han's eyes bubbled up, obviously unhappy at being interrupted.

"Be good. I'll go see who it is—it might be someone from the company."

Today was her first day moving in, so only the company knew she was here-- did Chu Hong Guang send someone over?

Si Ye Han rarely revealed his face outside, so nobody knew who he was. It wouldn't be a problem even if someone saw him. Thus, Ye Wanwan wasn't worried at all.

After calming Si Ye Han down, Ye Wanwan went to get the door.

"Coming——" Ye Wanwan pulled open the door.

The moment she opened the door, all she saw was that dazzling face and Ye Wanwan was taken aback, "Han Xian Yu...?"


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