Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 273: A strategy like this

Chapter 273: A strategy like this

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As Zhao Da Yong was emotionally unstable, the press conference was forced to end there.

The entrance of Imperial City Grand Hotel was swarmed with reporters and Mr. and Mrs. Zhao had trouble even taking a single step forward.

"Mr. Zhao, as for the incident of you sexually assaulting your own daughter, do you have anything to say?"

"Mrs. Zhao, did you know about it?"

"Aside from your daughter, did you do it to any other children?"


The blinding lights all around them with crazy reporters asking all kinds of accusatory questions, along with a pushing crowd made Zhao Da Yong quite dizzy. He knocked over quite a number of cameras.

Li Qiao Hong just kept saying that she didn't know anything and that she had no idea.

Hearing all these ridiculous questions, Zhao Da Yong was so mad that his lungs were on the verge of exploding, "Nonsense! Slander! It's just slander! That reporter was slandering me! I'm not a paedophile! And would never do such things to my own daughter! Are all of you reporters insane? How could you believe such things!"

"Then how do you explain those comments you posted online? Aren't you the one who said such disgusting things to a five-year-old child and even threatened to violate a netizen's daughter?"

"I... I spoke without thinking... I didn't actually do it..."

"What about the statements from your neighbors—how do you explain them?"

"That guy has a grudge against me and was trying to frame me! I've already explained it over a hundred times! How many times do you want me to explain it?"

"It's possible you could have a grudge with one neighbor, but what about all the other neighbors? There's irrefutable evidence here and you're still trying to deny it?"


"Nothing to say, huh? You kept saying that Han Xian Yu sexually abused your daughter under the guise of his charitable acts but truth is, you're the one trying to sell your daughter to him, right?"

"I'll sell your father!"

"Then are you framing Han Xian Yu for the sake of money?"


The media was frantically questioning Zhao Da Yong when they were suddenly distracted by something else; they quickly scrambled off in another direction.

It was Gao Feng coming out of the hotel.

"Reporter Gao, did you doubt Zhao Da Yong from the beginning?"

"I was just making a logical conjecture from the information presented to me."

"Then, Reporter Gao, may I know what's your opinion on the drastic turn of events?"

Gao Feng glanced at Yan Zheng Yang, whose face was very ugly at this moment, and replied leisurely, "Look beneath the surface and reveal the truth to the public. I was just doing what I had to; I believe the truth will always prevail!"

Upon hearing Gao Feng's mockery, Yan Zheng Yang nearly spit out blood in his rage.

All this time, he had been trying to redress an injustice done to Zhao Da Yong and was supposed to be the righteous hero, but after what Gao Feng did, his reputation was gone and he became the accomplice harboring that bastard, Zhao Da Yong.

Yan Zheng Yang watched as everything unfolded and tried to find a chance to interrupt, wanting to explain and reverse the situation, to rebuke the absurd and untenable evidence Gao Feng had given.

However, not a single person cared about him.

Everyone's attention was on the extremely explosive news of a father who sexually assaulted his own daughter.

After all, compared to the old news of Han Xian Yu sexually assaulting this little girl, the shocking turn of events that the girl's father, who planned to sue Han Xian Yu, was actually a paedophile was much more attractive.

The media knew very well which news would attract the most attention.

He just couldn't understand how things turned this messy when he literally had everything under control before.

All this happened through this Mars Weekly, a media outlet about to close down?

Or... is there someone orchestrating all this behind the scenes?

Just exactly who's so powerful that he designed a strategy like this...


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