Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 272: Giving him a taste of his own medicine

Chapter 272: Giving him a taste of his own medicine

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Fei Yang calmed down and carefully thought through Han Xian Yu's reasoning. "Now that you mention it, it seems true...

"When you look at all the evidence separately, there really isn't anything substantial. For example, that comment Zhao Da Yong posted under that video clip--it's not strange for someone as uncultured as him to say something like that. Even if you gather all the evidence from his social media accounts together, you can only prove that he has a tendency towards paedophilia and poor character...

"If you looked only at the picture of his daughter that he sent, it could be considered as simply showing off his daughter, just like that photo of you lying in bed with those kids--it's a very normal photo if you looked at it alone.

"As for the statements from the witnesses, it's quite possible that those people held a grudge against him. All they can prove is that he's abusive when he's drunk.

"Zhao Da Yong's neighbours were just like your ex-girlfriend--their words seemed very believable to the public..."

With that said, Fei Yang suddenly realized something as he sat there in a daze. "Could... could it be that Zhao Da Yong's not a..."

Han Xian Yu spoke softly, "It doesn't matter whether he is or not."

Hearing Han Xian Yu's words, Fei Yang's heart sunk, "You're right, it's doesn't matter anymore. What matters is whether he's guilty in the eyes of the public..."

Fei Yang stared closely at the live telecast of the media leaving the hall and tried to make sense of the entire situation. "Ye Bai purposely found someone outside Worldwide Entertainment to expose this man because if someone from Worldwide tried to intervene, nobody would believe that person no matter what he said, due to bias.

"Worldwide did accuse Zhao Da Yong of drinking, gambling and beating his wife and daughter before, but everyone thought Worldwide was just trying to smear Zhao Da Yong's name in order to prove your innocence. So instead, Ye Bai worked with Mars Weekly, which was already well-established in the industry.

"He arranged for Gao Feng not to reveal that the comment was posted by Zhao Da Yong at first and allowed everyone to speculate and misunderstand before revealing the truth, dropping the bomb on everyone.

"After destroying Zhao Da Yong's fatherly image and exposing his character, everything Gao Feng said afterwards would be more believable to the media.

"Following that, everything from the photo of his daughter to all those so-called pieces of evidence and finally agitating Zhao Da Yong to the point where he beat up a reporter--these were exactly the same things the media did to you...

"This Ye Bai, he's... he's totally just..."

Han Xian Yu sighed deeply and completed Fei Yang's sentence, "giving him a taste of his own medicine."

Ye Bai choreographed this entire thing and was simply copying how Zhao Da Yong used the media against Han Xian Yu—returning everything Han Xian Yu went through back to Zhao Da Yong!

Not only that, Ye Bai's plan was flawless. Even Fei Yang, who worked in the entertainment industry for a long time, couldn't tell, much less those reporters and civilians present today.

Since Han Xian Yu himself had gone through all this before, he was able to see through Ye Bai's plan.

Han Xian Yu stared at the retreating figure in the live telecast and an inexplicable feeling bubbled in his chest.

He really didn't expect that... not only did that man pull it off... he even chose to use this method to prove his innocence...

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