Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 271: A complete turn in events

Chapter 271: A complete turn in events

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Faced with all the evidence presented, Zhao Da Yong was not only unremorseful for his actions, he even beat up a reporter at the scene, making everyone's anger skyrocket.

The number of clicks and traffic on the live telecast also broke the record as comments flooded the telecast, one after another——

"Wow, my three views have totally toppled! This scumbag has been lying to us for such a long time!"

"How perverted is he that he's able to do this to his own daughter?"

"He actually called Han Xian Yu scum when he's the true bastard who's worse than a pig! Monster!"

After all the cursing, the netizens naturally started thinking from another perspective...

"Can we believe anything this utterly heartless and inhumane bastard says? Oh my god! Could it be that Han Xian Yu was really framed?"

"It's definitely possible!"

"Damn! Our Xian Yu was obviously framed from the start, alright? Just because they're weak and poor, all of you stood on their side without figuring out the truth first and refused to give others a chance to speak--whenever we said something, you guys said we had brain damage! Now you know who the shameless ones are, huh?"

"Those who are poor must have a reason to sink to such lows. Han Xian Yu helped their family, yet they turned around and framed Xian Yu like that. If that reporter didn't expose Zhao Da Yong's true colours, Xian Yu would've carried this shame for the rest of his life!"

"Our little feather [1] waited for this day, waited for the truth to come to light! Xian Yu's innocent!"

"I knew Han Xian Yu would never do something like that!"


Late at night in a certain high-class apartment:

Fei Yang watched as Gao Feng slowly exposed the true colours of Zhao Da Yong. He saw that the media and audience on the live telecast all scolded Zhao Da Yong and many of them started doubting Zhao Da Yong's words. The grievances Han Xian Yu bore... instantly reversed due to this situation!

It was totally unexpected!

Fei Yang was so stirred up that he almost hugged his laptop and cried. "Xian Yu, are you seeing this? Public opinion is starting to shift! It's really starting to shift!

"That Mr. Ye is really something huh? Our Worldwide sent people to monitor that bastard, Zhao Da Yong, yet they could only dig out useless information about him gambling, drinking and abusing his wife and child. How exactly did Ye Bai find out Zhao Da Yong's a paedophile?"

Han Xian Yu stared at the screen and watched as the angry comments came one after another, cursing Zhao Da Yong. He slowly leaned against the backrest of his chair and closed his eyes, not saying a single word.

Fei Yang still scolded the pervert in agitation, "This bastard, Zhao Da Yong—I thought he was just greedy and ungrateful. Who knew he's far more disgusting than that? He's the true paedophile. What's worse is this scumbag didn't even let his own daughter off!"

Hearing his manager swearing non-stop, Han Xian Yu slowly opened his eyes and glanced at him, "Yang-ge... You really think Zhao Da Yong's a paedophile?"

Suddenly hearing Han Xian Yu posing this question to him, Fei Yang was confused, "Isn't he? With all this evidence, how could it not be true?"

Han Xian Yu replied coldly, "On the surface, there's indeed a lot of evidence but if you looked at all of them separately and judged them from the perspective of the law, do you still think the evidence is tenable?"


Translator's Thoughts

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[1]: Xian Yu's fans call him 'feather' because feather in Chinese is 'yu mao', the same 'yu' as Xian Yu.

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