Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 270: Pressed him hard

Chapter 270: Pressed him hard

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Neighbour: "Haha, the superstar sexually assaulting my neighbour's daughter? He's really trying to push the blame onto someone else! Not sure who's the one doing all these filthy deeds..."

Gao Feng;=: "What do you mean?"

Neighbour: "Ay, why are you city people so innocent? It means that he's playing with his own daughter!"

Gao Feng: "Your neighbour himself? Why would you say that? That's his own daughter—how could he do something like that? Do you have any proof?"

Neighbour: "Proof? I'm living right next to him. How could I be unaware of anything that happens around here? The noises from his house every night, tsk tsk tsk... I'm not the only one who heard them. If you don't believe me, you can go around and ask the whole neighbourhood!"

Gao Feng: "What about the little's girl's mother, doesn't she care?"

Neighbour: "His wife works the night shift so there's only him and his daughter at home every night. But even when she's at home, she probably wouldn't care! Both husband and wife are black-hearted scum!"


Very soon, the ten-minute long interview ended. There were still some interviews with other neighbours and everyone said they often heard the cries of the little girl, along with Zhao Da Yong's obscenities and curses.

This interview revealed all the details-- it was truly heart-wrenching!

Nobody expected that this father, who blatantly said he wouldn't submit to force and would protect his daughter at all costs, was actually a filthy and despicable paedophile. He was so sick in the mind that he would do it to his own daughter.

"Zhao Da Yong! What else do you have to say for yourself?" Gao Feng asked in a stern tone.

Hearing his neighbours calling him out and facing the interrogation from Gao Feng and all the disgusted gazes from the media around him, Zhao Da Yong looked as if he was going insane. "What *dog s**** evidence! You call this evidence? Zhao Qiang Bin, that dog, has a grudge against me! That guy is deliberately trying to frame me!"

"Mr. Zhao, there's no smoke without a fire! Furthermore, there's more than one neighbour who called you out!"

"That...that's because my daughter was being disobedient—I was teaching her a lesson! As the saying goes, 'spare the rod, spoil the child', it's perfectly fine for parents to reprimand and punish their child when they misbehave!"

"Oh, so your teaching method is to impose bodily harm and sexually abuse her, is it?" Gao Feng pressed him hard.

Zhao Da Yong's face was completely red from fury and he breathed heavily like a wild beast. "F***! I already said that I didn't! I'm not a paedophile, nor did I sexually abuse my own daughter!"

Gao Feng's gaze became even colder, and he spoke with even more intensity, "Haha, there's witnesses and evidence presented right in front of you and you're still trying to deny it without feeling the slightest remorse for your actions! You're utterly devoid of a conscience! Touching her private parts, forcing her to give oral sex-- they're actually the things YOU made your daughter do, right?"

"F*** your father, you garbage reporter! Have you said enough?!" Finally, Zhao Da Yong couldn't hold it in anymore as he kicked the chair behind him and charged towards Gao Feng, delivering a punch to his face.

"Ah——" Gao Feng was solidly punched in the face; half his face immediately swelled up.

Zhao Da Yong wanted to continue beating him up when a few other reporters and security guards swiftly rushed over and quickly pulled the agitated Zhao Da Yong away,

Gao Feng wiped the blood from the corner of his lips and spoke bitterly, "Does everyone believe me now? He's not just a pervert—he also has a violent temper, so you can imagine what kind of treatment his daughter had to endure under his hands!"

Upon hearing that, Zhao Da Yong's face contorted in rage as he yelled crazily while trying to charge towards Gao Feng, "I will kill you! I will kill you! Just you wait! You wait——"

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