Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 269: Won't give up till you see the grave

Chapter 269: Won't give up till you see the grave

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Yan Zheng Yang, who was interrupted countless times, was made totally speechless by the explosive news Gao Feng revealed.

After a few seconds, he quickly regained his senses and shouted in Gao Feng's direction, "Great Reporter Gao, we must show the evidence for whatever we say. With just your words, you're putting such a big accusation on someone—you have total disregard for his life! You're not a reporter but an executioner!"

Zhao Da Yong also remembered this was a press conference. He calmed himself down and said, "This reporter here, do you have any evidence? How could you slander someone like that?"

Gao Feng seemed prepared for their questions and he mumbled, "Tsk, you want evidence? Zhao Da Yong! I guess you won't cry until you see the grave?"

After Gao Feng had spoken, a photo appeared on the huge screen.

In the photo, there was a little girl and at her young age, her figure could barely be seen. She only had some panties and a little tank top on, looking like she just came out of the shower. She seemed very nervous in front of the camera.

The person in the photo was Mr. and Mrs. Zhao's daughter.

And that photo was circulated by Zhao Da Yong himself to his circle of friends. He even added a caption along with it: "What do you think about my daughter?" and included a smirk emoticon.

When this photo appeared, all the reporters at the scene felt so bad for the child.

"Oh gosh! He's really a monster! He didn't even let his own daughter off!"

"How could he do that?! Girls at that age already have extreme self-consciousness, okay? As her father, he actually circulated such a revealing photo of his own daughter to his friends! Utterly disgusting!"

"How can a person like him be fit to be a father?"

When Zhao Da Yong saw that everyone presumed this photo to be the evidence that he sexually abused his own daughter, his face turned red in anger and immediately burst out, "This was just a normal day with my daughter!"

Gao Feng sneered, "Tsk, you're calling this revealing photo normal? You're still trying to deny it even with all this evidence in your face, huh? No problem! It's fine if you don't admit it! I have a witness! Today, I must thoroughly expose this bastard's true colours!!!"

Following Gao Feng's powerful and resonating rebuke, the press at the scene was ready with their equipment and waited for Gao Feng's next piece of evidence.

Unknowingly, everyone was subconsciously following Gao Feng's line of thought...

"The day before yesterday, I interviewed Zhao Da Yong's neighbour and after getting permission from him, I recorded this interview..." Gao Feng played a recording of the interview.

In the video recording, Gao Feng was interviewing a man and in order to protect the person's identity, the man's face was hidden in the shadows on purpose.

Upon hearing that Gao Feng had interviewed his neighbour and seeing that familiar figure on screen, Zhao Da Yong's face changed.

But at this point, the interview already started...

Gao Feng: "Based on your impression, what kind of person is Zhao Da Yong?"

Neighbour: "He's always idling and doesn't do honest work..."

Gao Feng: "Then, does he have any bad habits?"

Neighbour: "Does gambling count?"

Gao Feng: "Gambling? Is he really good at it?"

Neighbour: "I heard he even gambled away the money that was supposed to be used for his daughter's medical bills! If it wasn't for that superstar's help, his daughter wouldn't be alive today! He's too lucky!"

Gao Feng: "What do you think about that incident about that superstar allegedly sexually assaulting your neighbour's daughter?"


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