Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 268: The full truth comes out!!!

Chapter 268: The full truth comes out!!!

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After speaking, Gao Feng discreetly took a glimpse at a certain corner of the room and continued to put up five to six photos--all of them were different comments posted by Zhao Da Yong using different usernames and they were all unbearable to read.

There were some from three to five years ago, a couple from one year ago and one which was very recent.

The most recent one was him requesting to have sex with a young girl on a certain website.

This account was verified and was, without a doubt, Zhao Da Yong's.

Each time a new photo flashed onto the big screen, Zhao Da Yong's expression turned a shade paler. At the last photo, he was frozen stiff in his chair. could it be...

How exactly did this person manage to do this!

He actually dug out all those posts from so many years back, even those I don't have any recollection of!

He wasn't a perverted paedophile at heart; those comments and the request he made to that young girl were just his way of thrill-seeking but after these messages were exposed, there was nothing he could say to clear his name.

As expected, after looking at all this evidence, all the reporters at the scene were completely dumbfounded and the audience at the live telecast exploded into chatter.

"Oh...oh my god! What did I just see! Zhao Da Yong's a paedophile too?"

"And look at all this stuff he said online; it's disgusting!"

"How was he even able to criticize Han Xian Yu with so much self-righteousness?"

"This is simply unbelievable!"


At this moment, Yan Zheng Yang was at a complete loss. He never expected that Zhao Da Yong would have evidence that could be used against him.

No way! I can't let things go on this way!

Even if Zhao Da Yong's a paedophile, Han Xian Yu's charges are still undeniable—I have to draw the public's attention back to the real issue at hand!

Yan Zheng Yang immediately stood up, took the microphone and was about to speak, "Everyone..."

However, just at that moment, Gao Feng immediately interrupted Yan Zheng Yang and exclaimed in anger, "Just as everyone has seen, it's true—Zhao Da Yong's a paedophile through and through. He's the scum of the society as he said himself. An inhumane bastard, a pervert that should be shot in the head!"

Yan Zheng Yang: "Let's not talk about whether Zhao Da Yong's a paedophile first. Han Xian Yu, he..."

Gao Feng's rage seemed to have reached its limit—he slammed the table and interrupted Yan Zheng Yang once again. With a frightening glare, he said, "Also, according to what I investigated, there's more to this than meets the eye!

"Zhao Da Yong! This inhumane bastard! He's not only a perverted paedophile! He...he won't even let his own daughter off!!!"

Following Gao Feng's fuming howl that reverberated across the entire hall, the stunned audience sat there in utter disbelief.

Even Yan Zheng Yang had forgotten what he wanted to say and was flabbergasted.

"Wh...what? Zhao Da Yong didn't even let his own daughter off?"

"Oh...oh my god!"


On the live telecast website, after the pause, there was a crazy barrage of comments that covered the entire screen.

Nobody cared about what Yan Zheng Yang had to say; everyone's attention was now on the shocking truth Gao Feng disclosed.

After the initially calm and composed Zhao Da Yong heard that, he was stupefied and suddenly started yelling as he stood up, "You damn *mother* venomous slanderer! I would f*** your father! Are you crazy? That's my own daughter!"

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