Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 267: Slapping your own mouth

Chapter 267: Slapping your own mouth

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After a very long silence, there was an upheaval in the hall!

"Wa... damn! This... how could it be?!"

"This isn't Han Xian Yu's Weibo account but Zhao Da Yong's?"

"Is it real?! Is this picture photoshopped? How could Mr. Zhao say something like that?"

"This is impossible! It must be fake!"


The calm and unperturbed Yan Zheng Yang's face abruptly changed at this point. He quickly stood up and yelled in fury, "Gao Feng! Are you insane?! You once held the title of being the number one correspondent in China, yet you're neglecting your professional ethics and coming up with this fake news just because you can't get anything juicy?! You're making a pig of yourself!"

Gao Feng looked coldly at Yan Zheng Yang, "Reporter Yan, we're in the same profession. Don't you find what you just said really hilarious? What's the occasion today? There are so many reporter friends seated here today. Why would I lie about something that can be easily exposed?

Tsk, since this Weibo post was from seven years ago, even Zhao Da Yong himself probably forgot he said something so degrading so he didn't destroy the evidence, huh?

I've already shared the original Weibo post. Everyone can now see it for themselves—it's the third comment on page seven!"

Listening to what Yan Zheng Yang said, the audience broke into discussion again.

"This news is coming from Mars Weekly! Although Mars Weekly isn't doing very well now, they never leaked any false information before! That's why they offended so many celebrities and almost collapsed from all the attacks!"

"Even a small publication would never dare to use a fake picture to mislead everyone in front of so many reporters!"

"Damn! I found it! I found it! It's true... it was really posted by Zhao Da Yong! Hurry, go take a look!"

All the reporters present, including those watching the live telecast, quickly opened the Weibo post that Gao Feng shared a few seconds ago and really saw Zhao Da Yong's comment on page seven.

At the same time, Gao Feng connected the projector to his phone using Bluetooth and displayed Zhao Da Yong's comment on the big screen and how he argued with other netizens.

[So flirty, I really want to f*** her! How much a night?]

[To the netizen above, you're a pervert huh! How could you say such a thing?]

[Hehe, what did I do? This little s*** is dressed like that and dancing so erotically, don't you think she's trying to get people to f*** her?]

[Go f***your father, bastard!]

[I want to f*** your display picture, is she your daughter? She looks like she would like to be f***ed!]

[I'll f*** your mother! Damn it! Where do you live, bastard?! Post your address here if you have the guts! I XXXX]


Gao Feng casually looked at the awfully pale Zhao Da Yong on stage, "What do you think? Mr. Zhao, have you managed to recall all these comments you made?"

Zhao Da Yong held his phone with trembling fingers, cold sweat trickling down his forehead. He anxiously tapped on his phone.

Gao Feng sneered, "You're trying to delete your Weibo now? I'm afraid it's too late!"

Zhao Da Yong stopped what he was doing and knew it was probably useless. There was fear on his face but then, he held his composure and stood up to speak, "This... this happened so many years ago... I didn't mean what I said back then... it can't prove anything..."

Gao Feng seemed to have anticipated his reply so he said, "Mr. Zhao, that wasn't what you said just now, was it? Everyone here heard you admit that a person who could say something like that must be a paedophile! Now you're saying it can't prove anything?"

Aren't you slapping your own mouth!

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