Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 266: The prey has entered the trap

Chapter 266: The prey has entered the trap

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When the reporters saw this new information they could work with, they started getting excited.

At the same time, in the apartment:

Fei Yang, who was monitoring the live telecast, was waiting for a turn of events but instead, what he saw was the situation becoming dramatically worse. He was on the verge of going crazy.

"What dog s*** dummy account! Are these reporters nuts?"

What's going on?

Isn't this reporter from Mars Weekly the person Ye Bai had an arrangement with?

Han Xian Yu leaned against the bedside and stared at the screen. He still had that haggard and stoned expression and on his face, there was numbness and emptiness.

At that moment, the live telecast website was also flooded with comments——

"Wow! This is explosive! Han Xian Yu's dummy account is exposed!"

"He must have other accounts aside from this!"

"He's really disgusting. That little girl in the clip should be around five to six years old, almost the same age as the sick girl he sexually assaulted, huh!"

"The more you think about it, the scarier it gets..."


After getting the reaction he wanted, Gao Feng said in a grave tone, "Everyone has seen that when a normal person watches the video, they would find that the little girl is really adorable. Only a paedophile would have such dirty and malicious thoughts!"

Zhao Da Yong saw this reporter bringing out another piece of evidence and his eyes lit up. He immediately chimed in, "That's right! Also, the date on Weibo indicated this was seven years ago. Han Xian Yu has been in hiding for so long that we don't even know how many innocent children he's harmed..."

In the press conference, the man in a white collared top skimmed through the comments on his phone and listened to the words of the media and Zhao Da Yong. His lips subtly curled upwards.

The prey... has entered the trap...

On stage, Gao Feng looked towards the audience unmovingly and his gaze swept across the entire hall, stopping at Zhao Da Yong who had a look of surprise. He raised his brows slightly and asked, "Mr. Zhao, you think so too? You think this netizen is a paedophile?"

Zhao Da Yong didn't hesitate and replied, "Of course, if he's not a paedophile, what is he?"

Others started murmuring amongst themselves as well...

"Do you still need to ask? If he isn't considered a paedophile, then what is a paedophile?!"

"Han Xian Yu's name has been blackened forever; he won't be able to wash it clean forever, ya?"

Gao Feng laughed and didn't respond but he pressed a button on the projector. "Then, everybody please take a look at who wrote this disgusting comment!"

Upon hearing what Gao Feng said, everybody held their breath and bolted upright in their seats.

There must be many juicy contents made by Han Xian Yu's dummy account huh...

On the big screen, the image was cropped and it was still the same screenshot but this time, the mosaic censor on the Weibo ID was gone and the netizen's ID appeared before everyone's eyes as clear as day...

Lonely Cigarette: [So flirty, I really want to f*** her! How much for a night?]

And Lonely Cigarette was actually——the father of the victim who was sexually assaulted, Zhao Da Yong!!!

After all the reporters saw that extremely familiar ID, the entire hall fell into a terrible, dead silence.

The hiddle smile Zhao Da Yong had initially suddenly stiffened. There were disbelief and rage on his face at first and then, he seemed to remember something as a look of panic and fear swept across his face...

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