Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 265: Latest gossip

Chapter 265: Latest gossip

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Seeing that Gao Feng was condemning Han Xian Yu just like the other reporters, a hint of contentment flashed in Zhao Da Yong's eyes as he spoke in deep pain, "Mr. Reporter, please go ahead!"

Gao Feng nodded, "Thank you. Before I pose my question, I would like Mr. Zhao and all the reporters seated here today to watch a clip."

After speaking, Gao Feng walked to the projector by the side and got the staff to insert the thumb drive he had with him.

When Zhao Da Yong and the audience heard that, they instinctively turned towards the enormous screen in the multi-function hall.

An upbeat song started playing first, then a little girl around the age of five appeared on the screen. The little girl was dressed in a black leather crop top and miniskirt. She was imitating the dance moves of a very popular superstar from country H.

The dance moves were very mature but the little lolita gave a completely different feel to them—it was moe [1] and cute. Her moves were exactly in sync with the superstar.

After the clip played, Gao Feng turned to Zhao Da Yong and asked, "Mr. Zhao, after watching this clip, what do you think about it?"

Zhao Da Yong wasn't sure why Gao Feng suddenly showed them this clip of the little girl dancing so he replied truthfully, "Very cute."

"What about the reporters? What do all of you think?" Gao Feng looked towards the reporters and asked again.

The reporters who watched the clip found it unbearably moe and talked about it amongst themselves.

"Oh god, that's too moe and cute!"

"She replicates those dance moves so well! Dancing like that at such a young age—she's very talented!"

"I've seen this clip before. The clip of this little girl dancing went viral a few years back; she's amazing! This girl should be around ten years old by now!"


The audience watching the live telecast also expressed that they were mesmerized by the cuteness of the little lolita in the clip.

While everyone talked about the video, they also looked at Gao Feng suspiciously, unsure of his intention behind playing that clip during the press conference.

After knowing what the audience thought about the video, he nodded and pressed a button on the projector. "Alright, then can I get everyone to look at these screenshots?"

In the next second, a few screenshots from Weibo appeared on the screen.

The date on the screenshots indicated they were from seven years ago. A very popular blogger reposted the clip of this little girl dancing and the blogger's reaction was just like that of the reporters. All the comments below the post talked about how cute the little girl was.

However, when they reached the final slide of the screenshots, a nasty comment appeared:

[So flirty, I really want to f*** her! How much for a night?]

When this comment was presented on the big screen, there was a second of dead silence in the audience and then a major uproar exploded.

"Damn! Who's this person? A pervert? How could he say something like that about a five-year-old child?"

"Even if it's online, he shouldn't speak so recklessly, right?"

"That's too gross! This pervert is probably a paedophile too, right?"


In the screenshots, Gao Feng censored all the Weibo IDs that appeared on the screenshots, this ID included.

Everyone scolded the person up to this point and gradually, some people started to speculate about the identity of the pervert...

"Damn! The perverted netizen in this screenshot isn't Han Xian Yu, is it?"

"It must be him! This dummy account was dug out by Mars Weekly right!"

"I just said that Mars Weekly doesn't seem to be doing well these last few years but it seems they still have some potential! This is the first time someone dug out Han Xian Yu's dummy account!"


Translator's Thoughts

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[1]: Moe is a Japanese slang loanword that refers to feelings of strong affection mainly towards characters (usually female) in anime, manga, and video games. Moe, however, has also gained usage to refer to feelings of affection towards any subject.

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