Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 274: Using violence to curb violence

Chapter 274: Using violence to curb violence

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"This bastard! He deserves it! What he's going through now can't be compared to what you went through! Let him have a taste of cyber violence!"

Fei Yang was done ranting and started worrying again. "Ye Bai said he would prove your innocence within seven days but according to the current trend, even though the public's opinion has started to shift and increasingly more people are voicing your grievances, what if that moron, Zhao Da Yong, wants to continue fighting back?

"Even if we don't have to worry about the public's opinion anymore and have a solid chance at winning the case, this case is still bad for your name!

"In the entertainment industry, if the grass is merely trimmed, it'll grow again the next spring, which means that we have to remove the source of the problem. If we don't, it might be exposed and used against us again..."


After the press conference ended, public opinion shifted as expected.

All the criticism and hate previously concentrated on Han Xian Yu immediately shifted to Mr. and Mrs. Zhao.

Reporters camped around the Zhaos' residence. The couple couldn't even go to work and encountered the media and angry civilians everywhere they went.

In just two short days, Zhao Da Yong was fired and blacklisted by every company; his friends and relatives also avoided him like the plague.

The media couldn't get to him so they kept trying to dig up information about him from his family. Zhao Da Yong didn't have a very pleasant character to start with so everyone pushed him down even further—they might as well since he was already going downhill. Almost everyone interviewed had nasty things to say about him.

Li Qiao Hong wasn't any better. From the viewpoint of the public, as the child's mother, how could she have no idea what her husband was doing? In their eyes, she assisted the tyrant in victimizing his daughter and colluded with him.

At the Zhao's residence:

There was clattering and banging in the house. The whole floor was a mess while the little girl hid in her bedroom, not making a sound.

Li Qiao Hong pulled her luggage in one hand and dragged her daughter in the other; she kept walking forward without looking back.

Suddenly, Zhao Da Yong grabbed her arm and yelled, "Why the h*** are you leaving?"

Li Qiao Hong screamed, "WHY? What else can I do?! I want a divorce! I want to leave this place with my daughter! I can't live like this anymore!"

Zhao Da Yong stared at her heavy under-eye bags and said with an ashen face, "Why are you making a fuss? We're swarmed with reporters now. Just wait a few more days when we get the money then we can go far, far away!"

Li Qiao Hong jerked his hand away. "Money money money, all you think about is money. Now our whole family's been forced to our wit's end! Do you even have the freedom to spend that money?

"My phone has been ringing non-stop for the past 24 hours; people are scolding me and threatening to kill me! People have peed and splashed feces all over our house; there isn't a single moment when I'm not on my toes!

"Since you made everything so public, everyone knows our faces now; where can we go? Everyone would recognize us wherever we go! We'll be mocked at no matter where we live! Even our relatives cut ties with us!

"I told you not to do this, but you didn't listen. Great, now you've offended a celebrity! It's fine if you're the only one implicated in this but right now, you've even dragged me into this to suffer with you! You even destroyed our daughter's reputation!"

Li Qiao Hong threw everything in her hands and collapsed onto the floor. "What have I done to deserve to suffer like this?! Are you trying to drive me to my death?!"

"Mommy..." The little girl stood helplessly in front of her mother.

Li Qiao Hong hugged her daughter and started sobbing, "Girl... my poor girl... what have you done... to deserve a father like him..."


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