Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 262: Private court session

Chapter 262: Private court session

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Ever since the incident happened, Han Xian Yu's psychological health had been deteriorating and Fei Yang couldn't stop worrying about him.

After all, this incident not only affected his career and life, but it also had an impact on his mental state.

Han Xian Yu helped those kids out of kindness, yet he was slandered and framed; he didn't commit any crimes yet he had live with that infamy for the rest of his life.

This was all while that greedy couple kept gnawing at his flesh and winning the sympathy of all of society. In the future, they would, without a doubt, rely on that exorbitant compensation to live lavishly.

If it wasn't for the young man who appeared today, the company would force Xian Yu to settle this matter privately. If that really happened, he couldn't predict whether Xian Yu would still be able to hang on or not.

Seeing that Han Xian Yu was silent, Fei Yang comforted him, "Don't be so down. Didn't chairman Chu agree to give that kid a try? Maybe there will really be a turn of events? If that Ye Bai didn't have a solution, I doubt he'd dare to speak so boldly during the meeting..."

Fei Yang didn't dare to imagine what would happen if Ye Bai failed...

Or... what if that person has some ill intentions...?

Upon hearing the name "Ye Bai", Han Xian Yu's pupils finally moved a little and a warm smile emerged in his dim eyes.

After a moment of silence, he closed his eyes slowly and shut off the limitless vortex in his eyes.

Two days later.

Mr. and Mrs. Zhao gathered all the various publications and the "Crusade Congress" convened as scheduled. They even had a live telecast.

They already sued him, yet they're still having a press conference before the court session--isn't this the same as establishing a private court session?

Lest Han Xian Yu's mood be affected, Fei Yang cut the television and internet cable and even confiscated Han Xian Yu's cell.

Just as he was thinking there weren't any loopholes, Han Xian Yu's personal phone suddenly rang.

The caller ID indicated: Ye Bai.

Seeing this name, Fei Yang hurriedly answered the call and said cautiously, "Hello, Mr. Ye?"

"Turn on the live telecast." The caller didn't beat around the bush and went straight to the point.

Fei Yang was somewhat taken aback by that request, "Right now?"

Ye Bai: "Yes."

Fei Yang hesitated for a second before replying, "Alright, got it."

Fei Yang quickly turned on the live telecast on his computer and knocked on Han Xian Yu's bedroom door. "Xian Yu... Xian Yu... are you awake?"

After he pushed the door open and entered, there was an overpowering stench of alcohol as usual.

Han Xian Yu was lying on the floor and next to him was an overturned bottle of wine. He didn't even respond when Fei Yang called him.

Seeing him in this state, Fei Yang was both angry and heartbroken, but he knew that if he didn't allow Han Xian Yu to vent his anger, he might really go crazy so Fei Yang didn't stop him.

"Get up quick, Mr. Ye just called, he wants us to watch the press conference..."

At the same time in Imperial City's grand hotel:

The hotel's biggest multi-functional conference hall was packed with hundreds of reporters from various media outlets and the girl's father, Zhao Da Yong and her mother, Li Qiao Hong, were both seated on stage.

Zhao Da Yong had a slightly plump figure, very short hair and was wearing an old black suit which didn't fit him very well. He said in a grave tone, "We would like to express our gratitude to the media for lending a hand to our family. Han Xian Yu's a superstar—he's rich and powerful, so it's not easy for ordinary people like us to get justice. Thankfully, there are still many kind souls around to provide me and my wife with an outlet to speak up, otherwise, we wouldn't know what to do..."


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