Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 263: It's him...

Chapter 263: It's him...

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Li Qiao Hong, who was seated next to him, had slightly greasy hair and wore an old grey dress. She looked very distressed and kept lowering her head to wipe her tears, "I really didn't expect that Han Xian Yu was that kind of person. I actually personally delivered my daughter into the hands of that bastard..."

Both of them were just ordinary people at the lowest rung of society; they lived poorly, led tough lives, yet this happened to them. When they first appeared in the media, many expressed sympathy for what they went through and naturally, many more people cursed Han Xian Yu.

In the apartment, Fei Yang watched as the couple shamelessly pretended to be pitiful. He was on the verge of exploding in anger. He couldn't imagine how Han Xian Yu felt from watching this scene.

"Xian Yu, are you alright..." Fei Yang asked worriedly.

Han Xian Yu stared at the couple on the screen in silence, then a flicker of recognition came over him as his expression changed, "It's him..."

"Who?" Fei Yang didn't understand and he looked towards Han Xian Yu's line of sight.

Then he saw a familiar figure in the press conference--the man seated next to the reporter from Mars Weekly looked like Ye Bai...

He's there too?

What is this Ye Bai planning to do...?

Under such circumstances with such a strong public opinion, it was near impossible to turn the situation around. If he wanted to prove Han Xian Yu's innocence at such an occasion, it would only worsen Han Xian Yu's case.

Fei Yang furrowed his brows and felt completely uneasy...

On the live telecast, the first person to speak was the lanky reporter from Southeast Daily whom Han Xian Yu had beaten up, Yan Zheng Yang.

The majority of breaking news from this incident was reported by the Southeast Daily. Also, they were responsible for initiating and organizing this press conference.

Riding on the popularity of this story, Southeast Daily received instant fame and fortune in the industry and was lauded for practising media ethics.

Before the reporters could ask any questions, Yan Zheng Yang gave an overview of the sequence of events using a slideshow, "I believe most of you have seen this photo of Han Xian Yu in the bedroom with many little girls and have seen him even lying in bed with them."

And it was because of this photo that I got beaten up by Han Xian Yu when I went up to him for an interview. When a celebrity acts like that, I have reasons to suspect that aside from psychological issues, he must have a violent nature as well..."

"Exactly! How could he just beat a person up?"

"Must have hit him at his weak spot, huh!"

"It's hard to imagine what kind of treatment the children get at his place!"

Yan Zheng Yang's words had the support of those watching the live telecast, especially the media--they abhorred acts of violence against reporters.

Yan Zhang Yang continued, "After this incident has gone public, the dirty deeds behind Han Xian Yu's charitable acts slowly surfaced, ranging from the recorded allegations from the victim herself to the nude photos and the story leaked by the ex-employee who worked at his villa, not to mention his ex-girlfriend who revealed his secret addiction...

"With all this evidence, Han Xian Yu's fans are still making a futile attempt to wash his name clean! Still trying in vain to find a loophole in the law! It's sickening!"

Yan Zheng Yang ended his righteous speech, took the microphone and pointed it towards the girl's father and said, "Mr. Zhao, Mrs. Zhao, I understand how the both of you are feeling right now and I really don't want you to recall those painful memories, but in order to let the criminal get the punishment he deserves and for justice to be served, I hope you can give us a detailed account of the incident and let the truth be known to the public!"

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