Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 261: A man turns evil when he's rich

Chapter 261: A man turns evil when he's rich

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After leaving the company building, Ye Wanwan's wild, ruthless, tyrannical and cool behaviour abruptly disappeared like a punctured balloon.

"Baby, can we come to an agreement?" Ye Wanwan probed.

Si Ye Han's boney fingers lightly brushed against the dewdrops on the red petals of the bouquet in his arms, "Agreement about what?"

Ye Wanwan replied meekly, "Agree about... whether we could... go out another day instead?"

As expected, Si Ye Han's expression immediately turned cold.

Ye Wanwan quickly explained, "It's not that I want to flake out on you. At first, I was prepared to treat you to a romantic candlelight dinner but I just remembered that I used the last of my savings on this bouquet..."

Ay, truly, zhuangbility leads to leipility! [1]

Upon hearing that she used the last of her savings to buy that bouquet, Si Ye Han's face warmed up slightly.

Ye Wanwan seemed to be deep in thought as her eyes glistened. She continued, "But if you're willing to treat me, then we can go ahead or if you could just pass me the money directly, that'd be even better!"

Si Ye Han: "Go home."

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Baby, you won't be able to woo any girls with your EQ...

At this point, isn't the right action supposed to be throwing his credit card at her and allowing her to spend it any way she wants?

Si Ye Han could probably guess what she was thinking as he glanced sideways at her and replied indifferently, "A man turns evil when he's rich."

Ye Wanwan had black lines all over her head [2]: "..."

She thought her acting was already top-notch; it seemed like there was someone else whose acting skills were even better than hers.

The great devil is indeed the great devil--his taste is unwavering; he still accepts me even when I'm dressed like a man...


Night time at a certain high-class apartment:

This was the dormitory that Worldwide Entertainment arranged for their employees.

As the addresses of many of Han Xian Yu's properties had been leaked, reporters surrounded every one of them, so he had to move here.

At this moment, the lights in the house were all switched off. The huge living room was chilly and the only sound came from the television.

Han Xian Yu sat on the sofa in front of the TV. Under the slight glow from the screen, his handsome face looked sickly pale.

The TV had entertainment news on, and in the background was his villa where he used to live.

The entrance was packed with a raging group of people with a female reporter reporting at the scene: "The court session for the case of Han Xian Yu sexually harassing a little girl will begin in the next few days. As this case is very disturbing, it has received the attention of countless civilians.

"The father of the victimized girl stated that he would hold a press conference in two day's time to provide more details about the case.

"Where we're at now is Han Xian Yu's current residence but the door has been tightly shut this whole time and Worldwide Entertainment, including Han Xian Yu himself, have not made any positive responses to this incident.

"We learned from the girl's father that Han Xian Yu contacted him privately to bribe him with money so that he would withdraw his lawsuit and lie to the press. However, the girl's father refused.

"The fall of an outstanding idol to a paedophile who refuses to admit to his heinous crime—a truth like this is really distressing..."

The manager, Fei Yang, brought some pills and a cup of water and looked over at Han Xian Yu nervously. He reminded him, "Xian Yu, don't watch all this news. Have you forgotten what the doctor told you? You have to stay home and rest now, and don't watch or listen to anything. I'll update you if anything comes up..."

Translator's Thoughts

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[1]: These are chinglish slang words!

Zhuangbility means to show off or act like he's good at doing something.

For example: No need to show your zhuangbility, we know you are good at mathematics.

As for leipility, Lei Pi means to be struck by lightning in Chinese. Leipility is a noun to describe someone who did something evil or harmful may be punished by a lightning strike, it is a punishment from the Gods.

Read more about it here:

[2]: This is better explained with an emoticon: -_-|||

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