Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 260: Getting drunk admiring the beautiful flowers

Chapter 260: Getting drunk admiring the beautiful flowers

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The group of senior management: "..."

Little secretary: "..."

In the dead silence, there seemed to be the rustling of a cold wind blowing...

Did their... BOSS... just get hit on by a guy?

Xu Yi, who was standing right next to Si Ye Han, nearly spewed blood out of his mouth when he saw Ye Wanwan dressed as a man.

Although he already knew Ye Wanwan was going to disguise herself as a man, he never expected this woman would actually go to this extent.

It was still that stunningly beautiful face; only her makeup, hairstyle and style of dress switched. The feeling she exuded completely changed but it didn't look out of sorts at all.

The female version of Ye Wanwan was beautiful but she had a weak, repressed and even ethereal kind of beauty while the male version of Ye Wanwan gave off confidence and sharpness as if her power poured out in magnificent torrents. Anyway, her gender had nothing to do with her attractiveness...

Of course, all this is beside the main point!

The main point is that you're here dressed as a man so in everyone's eyes, you're a man!

As a man, how could you hold a bouquet of flowers and say such things to another man?

He didn't need to think to find out what these people were thinking about.

This woman, Ye Wanwan, has gone too far this time. Master would never agree to this; he would never agree! He might even lock her back up!

As Xu Yi had that thought in his head, he saw that his icy-cold master with frost on his face looking at the "teenager" with indifferent eyes but then, he took the roses from the "teenager's" hand, expressionless...

Xu Yi: "..."

*mother* What did I just see!

Master! Are you nuts!!!

When Xu Yi saw his own master accepting those flaming red roses from Ye Wanwan's hands, it felt as if his heart had gone through a tsunami.

Suddenly, a loud "bang" resounded. It came from the head of finance behind him who just dropped the huge stack of financial reports on the floor. Even that little secretary who brought Ye Wanwan in had her eyes opened so wide that her eyeballs were nearly falling out.

Master... I didn't know you swing that way...

Even the last King You of Zhou didn't tease his nobles like that! [1]

How... how do you expect me to clean this mess up for you?

A certain someone who was almost breaking down racked his brains to think of how to deal with the aftermath for his master. He quickly turned to every shocked person to explain, *cough cough* "This... This is a friend of BOSS, an ethnic Chinese from country M. He grew up overseas so he's more open and likes to joke around... ha... haha..."

Everyone turned to look at each other... is that so? There's actually a person who dares to joke around like that in front of BOSS?

Ye Wanwan actually had the mind to take a little revenge on Si Ye Han but didn't expect that he would really accept her flowers in front of everybody; even she was quite surprised.

However, she couldn't deny that the contrasting image of Si Ye Han's glacial face that would never melt in ten thousand years and a bouquet of red roses bright as blood in his hands, was indeed quite dazzling.

"What?" Seeing that Ye Wanwan kept staring at him, Si Ye Han shot a questioning gaze over.

Ye Wanwan regained her senses from the lovely feast before her, but her eyes didn't leave Si Ye Han's body as she muttered, "Nothing, I got drunk while admiring the beautiful flowers... just lost my senses for a bit." But everyone saw that her eyes were glued on Si Ye Han and not the flowers!

Everybody at the scene: "..."

Special assistant Xu, was the explanation you gave just now the truth?

Xu Yi: I can't do this job...


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[1]: In order to amuse his favourite queen, King You lighted the warning beacons to fool his nobles into thinking that the Quanrong nomads were attacking and his nobles arrived at the castle only to find themselves laughed at. The King continued abusing his use of the warning beacons and soon, lost the trust of his nobles. If you want to read more about King You, head over to

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