Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 257: Success in our cooperation!

Chapter 257: Success in our cooperation!

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When everyone heard how arrogant the teenager was, they started talking amongst themselves with doubt and mockery.

Chu Hong Guang laughed, "You're very confident, young man! Tell me your conditions!"

The teenager glanced around, "Should I discuss my conditions with just chairman Chu or everyone else too?"

Understanding the hint behind the teenager's words, Chu Hong Guang waved and ended the meeting, forcing everyone out of the room.

Before he left, Zhou Wen Bin paused in front of the teenager and glared sternly at him.

Damn it, this issue was almost finalized but this guy messed everything up. I have to wait and see what tricks he has up his sleeve!

After a while, there was only the teenager and Chu Hong Guang left in the meeting room.

"Please continue." Chu Hong Guang lit a cigar.

The teenager sat on the leather chair opposite and went straight to the point, "Firstly, I would like a job opportunity at Worldwide."

Chu Hong Guang replied very frankly, "That's easy. If you're really able to help Han Xian Yu get over this crisis, Worldwide would naturally want a talent like you. What else?"

The teenager was silent for a second before continuing, "Secondly, I would like a property under chairman Chu's name."

Chu Hong Guang took a drag on his cigar and raised his brows slightly, "A property under my name? Which property are you referring to, my friend?"

The teenager concealed the darkness in his eyes and replied in a composed manner, "Golden Seas."

Hearing the teenager demands, Chu Hong Guang paused. "Young chap, you really know how to pick them."

Previously, after Ye Shao Ting went bankrupt, even the old house was auctioned off by the court. In order to deal with this arch enemy of his, Chu Hong Guang bought this particular property as his spoil of war.

The teenager smiled, "The district is priceless; any normal person would ask for it too."

Chu Hong Guang indicated that he understood. "Sure, not a problem!"

Upon getting a positive response from the chairman, the teenager was much more relaxed as he stood up. "Then, chairman Chu, I wish us success in our cooperation!"

"That's right. I will wait for your good news then!"

After they were done chatting, chairman Chu courteously got someone to walk the teenager out.

It was only when Ye Wanwan left the building of Worldwide Entertainment that her tense nerves started to relax. She casually loosened her collar and let out a sigh of relief.

Even though there were some twists and turns, she was glad that the deal was on.

After all, it was her first time being a man. She was extremely nervous before she went over but once she was there, she naturally got into character.

In her past life, she found out that she was an expert in imitating many different types of people. In this life, after she read many professional books, her imitation skills improved. This innate skill of hers was, without a doubt, extremely advantageous.

Ye Wanwan was getting ready to return home when the hoarse voice of a man suddenly came from behind her——

"Mr Ye Bai, please wait!"

Ye Wanwan stopped in her tracks and turned towards the person. "Mr Han?"

Han Xian Yu had always been dazzling and attractive in public, and he was always the confident Han Xian Yu in people's eyes. But at this moment, his handsome face was haggard and lethargic, his eyebags were also stained with dark shadows like dark clouds blocking the sun.

The second Han Xian Yu met the teenager's eyes, he was taken back. Under the gleaming sunshine, the teenager's skin was as fair as snow, his unbuttoned collar revealed his delicate collarbones and his bright eyes seemed to be the reflection of the stars in the galaxy, forcing him to keep his eyes glued to him...

With the teenager's looks, he would stand out even if you put him in a sea of beauties from the showbiz. Compared to his own looks, this teenager wasn't inferior at all.

With such a beautiful face, he didn't even have a hint of frivolousness or sissiness; there was an unrestrained severity in his eyes and the careless arrogance from his eyes showed he was a man of great charm.

Han Xian Yu stood in front of the teenager, his fists clenched tightly. "No matter what your intentions are or why you're helping me... thank you... thank you for believing me..."

The teenager smiled. The intensity in his eyes lessened like a haze was dispersing. "Don't mention it, my friend's a fan of yours. She really likes you and so do I."

Even after hearing so many compliments like this, Han Xian Yu experienced an inexplicable feeling just like he had when he just made his debut--like the first time he was recognized by his fans on the streets and his glacial heart slowly melted in their warmth...

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