Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 258: Indeed a beauty

Chapter 258: Indeed a beauty

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On the way back, Ye Wanwan went past a florist shop.

Initially, she wanted to have a meal with Si Ye Han after the negotiation but when she woke up this morning, Si Ye Han had already left for work so she wasn't able to ask him.

To prevent a volcano from erupting, she must never forget to pacify him on a daily basis.

"Hello, welcome!"

In the florist shop, a girl in a green dress greeted her as usual when she heard the bell on the door. She subconsciously turned to look at the customer.

All she saw was the slender hand of a young gentleman pushing the glass door open. He was dressed in a white shirt and had short, flaxen hair.

There were all sorts of flowers in the shop; it was like a secret Garden of Eden. The man stepped slowly into the soft and soothing music, and she could faintly discern his facial features between the clusters of flowers.

When he went past a bouquet of red roses, the man paused and picked one up. He lowered his fluttery lashes and took a light sniff.

The sunlight filtered in through the windows and danced on his delicate face. Even the beautiful rose in his hand couldn't measure up to half his attractiveness and faded into the background to bring out his brilliance...

"Hello, can you help me wrap up a bouquet of red roses, please?"

When the low and hoarse voice of the man reached her, the shop assistant was abruptly woken up from her daydream as she looked into the glazed and inquiring gaze of the man. She felt a hot flash on both her cheeks and she hurriedly replied, "Sure, of course. How many would you like, sir?"

Ye Wanwan rubbed the petal lightly and thought for a bit before answering, "99 stalks!"

"Sure, sure, I'll get it wrapped up for you!" The little shop assistant quickly got down to work while discreetly taking glances and sizing the man up.

Oh god! This person's too dashing! He's even better looking than the celebrities on television!

I wonder who the lucky girl is who's receiving red roses from this handsome young man. Not to mention it's 99 roses!

The little shop assistant's desire for gossip was suddenly fired up!

"These roses were just flown in this morning; they're very fresh so they'll last for a few more days... Is this wrapping paper okay with you? Lately, this type of vintage wrapping is on trend! If you like it, I'll wrap it up using this, okay?"

"Sure, it looks great," the man nodded.

Hearing the man say "looks great" while looking at her, the little shop assistant blushed furiously even though she knew he was referring to the wrapping. After hesitating for a long time, she finally couldn't resist any longer and asked curiously, "Sir, is this for your girlfriend?"

The man shook his head, "No, it's not."

The little shop assistant was surprised, "Not for your girlfriend?"

It's not for his girlfriend?

"Then it must be for a girl you fancy, right?" the little shop assistant speculated. She was even more curious as she mumbled, "The girl must be super beautiful since even a handsome man like you has to chase her!"

When the man heard that, he seemed to suddenly have a thought as the corners of his lips curled upwards, "That's right, she's indeed a beauty."

The little shop assistant's eyes lit up instantly-- I was right!

The little shop assistant was green with envy as she tried picturing how beautiful the girl looked when the man interrupted her thoughts, "But she's not the girl I fancy."

The little shop assistant was slightly stupefied, "Then she is...?"

"My boyfriend," the man replied.

The little shop assistant: "..."

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