Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 256: Watch a show

Chapter 256: Watch a show

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Upon hearing the teenager's so-called bargaining chip, everyone in the meeting room was taken aback, including the main person involved—Han Xian Yu. He didn't look as calm as before. Han Xian Yu finally raised his head slowly with a mixed expression in his blank and numb eyes as he looked in the direction of the teenager.

Zhou Wen Bin gave a contemptuous look, "What a joke! Who do you think you are?"

Fei Yang was stunned for a moment before he retorted, "Zhou Wen Bin, the boss hasn't even said a word, yet you're over here being a pain. Are you scared someone's able to prove Xian Yu's innocence?"

Zhou Wen Bin sneered, "Fei Yang, I think you've lost your mind. This incident is all because of the pressure from the public; even Worldwide doesn't have the ability to prove Xian Yu's innocence, yet you think this guy can change the public's view? Who on earth is he?"

Although what Zhou Wen Bin said wasn't nice, Fei Yang knew he was right and kept silent.

The teenager was unbothered about Zhou Wen Bin. He looked at Chu Hong Guang and said very calmly, "Chairman Chu, since Worldwide is at its wit's end, why not give it a try?

"If you win, obviously the outcome would be favourable but even if you don't, there's nothing to lose—there would be no negative impact on Worldwide, right?"

Chu Hong Guang considered the offer for a moment before finally responding, " Mr Ye, right? I don't care who you are but if you really can deliver what you mentioned and solve this crisis, then Worldwide would thank you indefinitely. But if you're here to cause trouble, then..."

Chu Hong Guang didn't finish his sentence but everyone could see the warning and threat in his eyes.

The teenager smiled slightly like he didn't notice the intimidation in Chu Hong Guang's eyes. "Chairman Chu's a straightforward man. You'll find out very soon whether what I said is the truth or not."

"Oh? How would I find out?" Chu Hong Guang raised his brows.

The teenager laughed, "Within seven days, I can prove Han Xian Yu's innocence."

"Seven days?" A hint of suspicion appeared on Chu Hong Guang's face.

Zhou Wen Bin's expression changed and he suddenly stood up, pointing at the teenager. "Even if we let you give it a go, you can just tell us directly what great abilities you have. Why do you need to beat around the bush? I think you're just bluffing and putting on a show!"

When he finished speaking, Zhou Wen Bin turned to look at Chu Hong Guang and said, "Chairman Chu, we really don't know where this person came from. He's so young; who knows what exactly his intentions are? How can we trust the words of a person like him so easily?"

Chu Hong Guang furrowed his brows. His head was aching badly from all the squabbling around him. While he was still deep in thought, a hoarse voice suddenly interrupted the silence.

"I trust him."

In the meeting room, everyone was startled and immediately turned towards the source of the voice.

And they realized that...

The person who spoke was actually the droopy-eyed and silent Han Xian Yu.

Han Xian Yu lifted his head and his haggard eyes met the glistening eyes of the teenager.

He took a deep breath, stood up, and scanned the people around him. His gaze finally stopped at Chu Hong Guang——

"Chairman Chu, I trust him."

Everybody had abandoned him but now, there was one person who stood up and wanted to prove his innocence.

Chu Hong Guang's expression was somewhat mixed. Han Xian Yu hadn't said a word since the start and this was the first comment he made.

Chu Hong Guang sighed, "Alright then, Xian Yu, it's not like the company doesn't want to help you. If this friend here really has an idea that works, I'll give him my fullest support."

After that, Chu Hong Guang turned to the teenager, "What do you need us to do?"

The corners of the teenager's lips curled upwards slyly, "Watch a show."

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