Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 255: Make a deal

Chapter 255: Make a deal

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The appearance of the unidentified man filled the huge meeting room with a strange atmosphere.

"Who exactly are you? Even the public relations at Worldwide can't handle this case, so who are you to say that you can change how the public sees Han Xian Yu?"

"Bro, please don't speak without using your head here!"

"Right now, Han Xian Yu's reputation is secondary. The main issue is that Worldwide Entertainment's reputation is tied with this incident..."

Some of the top management at Worldwide Entertainment looked at the man, sizing him up.

"Chairman Chu, don't listen to the flowery speech of this guy. He must be a secret agent sent by Emperor Sky to scout for information!" Zhou Wen Bin stood up.

Upon hearing what Zhou Wen Bin said, a chill emerged in Chu Hong Guang's eyes.

As everyone knew, Emperor Sky Entertainment and Worldwide Entertainment had always been at loggerheads. This incident with Han Xian Yu had impacted Worldwide Entertainment so badly that it was plausible for Emperor Sky to send someone to scout for information.

"Secret agent?" The teenager looked at Zhou Wen Bin as he smiled mockingly and sneered, "With this level of intelligence, it's very hard for me to understand how you actually managed to be included in Worldwide Entertainment's board meeting."

Zhou Wen Bin was taken aback for a second then his eyes widened as he shouted, "Bastard, what did you say?!"

"What did I say?" The teenager shrugged, "Everyone here knows I just called you an idiot."

"You..." Zhou Wen Bin's face turned slightly sinister.

This punk who just came out of nowhere actually barged into our meeting room and called me an idiot in front of all my superiors and managers?!

"Security! Security!!!" Zhou Wen Bin suddenly yelled, "Take this garbage out!"

Hearing the explosive anger from the meeting room, the few security guards on standby quickly surrounded the teenager again.

"What are all of you just standing there for; didn't you hear what I just said?!" Zhou Wen Bin glared at the guards.

"Uh..." The teenager shook his head. He didn't even bother to glance at Zhou Wen Bin's commotion and instead, directed his gaze at the man in the main seat, Chu Hong Guang.

"It's been said that Worldwide Entertainment's chairman, Chu, has extraordinary courage, but what a pity it was all hearsay. It turned out that in the board meetings, it's actually a nobody manager who calls the shots; it's been quite the eye-opener today." An apathetic smile appeared on the teenager flawless face.

Unknown? Zhou Wen Bin was nearly driven to his death by anger!

Chu Hong Guang furrowed his brows. He shot Zhou Wen Bin a look before he turned to the security guards and ordered, "All of you, get lost!"

After the security guards left, Zhou Wen Bin gritted his teeth, "Chairman Chu... this guy, he..."

But this time, Chu Hong Guang waved him off and interrupted him before he could finish.

Zhou Wen Bin noticed that Chu Hong Guang didn't look too happy so he had no choice but to keep his anger in.

He'd been provoked by this little punk just now which messed with his mind. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gone beyond his authority and called for security.

"Chairman Chu, with Worldwide Entertainment's current predicament, do you think Emperor Sky needs to send someone over to gather information?" the teenager asked in return.

Chu Hong Guang pondered about it and did not respond.

It was just as this man had said—with the current situation at Worldwide Entertainment, everyone knew that no matter what, it was impossible for them to reverse their fortunes so there was no need for Emperor Sky to send spies.

"What's your name, young man? What advice do you have, coming all the way to my Worldwide Entertainment?" Chu Hong Guang asked plainly.

"Your humble servant goes by the name Ye Bai. I can't tell you what my motive is..." the teenager said as his smile gradually faded away. "I'm here today just to make a deal with your company; the bargaining chip is proving Han Xian Yu's innocence and eradicating all negative influences on Worldwide Entertainment as a result of this incident."

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