Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 252: Confidence in winning

Chapter 252: Confidence in winning

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The three of them finally managed to disentangle themselves from the reporters surrounding them.

"Yan Ran, are you okay? Are you hurt? It's all my fault; I didn't protect you properly!" Chu Feng blamed himself.

Jiang Yan Ran stood rooted to the ground in a daze, not saying a word, having gotten a big blow from what just happened.

Ye Wanwan hugged her lightly then turned to Chu Feng and said, "Take Yan Ran back; it's better for her not to leave the house for now."

The reporters would never let this juicy news go; they'd definitely use this interview with Jiang Yan Ran to craft an article.

As expected, the interview with Jiang Yan Ran was taken out of context by the reporters and posted all over the internet. Fans of Han Xian Yu were labeled as brainless, and whoever spoke up for Han Xian Yu was attacked viciously by the "righteous" people.

Following that, Southeast Daily newspaper, where that lanky reporter was from, uncovered even more explosive news--an ex-employee who had worked at Han Xian Yu's villa revealed that he often saw Han Xian Yu disappearing with little girls for entire afternoons and the cries of the girls could be heard from his bedroom. This news gave rise to more speculations from the public.

All the evidence pointed to the fact that Han Xian Yu sexually assaulted the little girl. Just a simple piece of celebrity gossip quickly became the hottest topic in town...

In front of an enormous mirror, Ye Wanwan lowered her head and rolled up her sleeves leisurely. The corners of her rosy lips curled upwards and in the next second, she suddenly raised her head. Her stunning face was warped by a stern and indifferent appearance; the warm beauty of a teenage girl slowly faded away...

At this moment, Worldwide Entertainment was completely surrounded by furious reporters and agitated civilians.

There were a few broken windows, the entrance was littered with rotten vegetables and eggs and there was even the stench of urine. Every single day, around the clock without fail, there were protesters shouting and holding banners up——

"Kick Han Xian Yu out of the entertainment industry!"

"Worldwide Entertainment is protecting scum!"

"Seek justice for the victim!"


In the meeting room of Worldwide Entertainment:

Everyone hung their heads low and didn't speak a word; the atmosphere was so heavy that it was almost frozen.

"The incident has already escalated up to this point; groups of people have been at our office cursing us for days, yet each one of you here is mute now! How do we solve this issue exactly? All of you better give me a solution by today!" The chairman of Worldwide Entertainment, Chu Hong Guang, threw a pile of newspapers on the meeting table and howled in a violent rage, his plump body trembling with anger. He took a deep breath, shoved down the fury in his heart and looked at the lawyer sitting opposite.

"Let me ask you, how confident are you that we can win this case?"

The lawyer's face was slightly pale as he replied stiffly, "At the moment, public opinion is all on the girl's side. As civilians are very worked up over this incident, the court will more or less be affected by pressure from the public. If we're really going ahead with this lawsuit, we would have to change public opinion and find concrete evidence that could turn the case... I'm afraid this will drag on for a very long time..."

"Very long time? How long?!" Chu Hong Guang's face sank. If this issue got dragged out, it would be the equivalent of a slow death for Han Xian Yu. After all, it was the golden period of Han Xian Yu's career right now. With negative publicity however, his road to stardom was doomed. Which director or brand would hire a celebrity with such a negative image?

The lawyer swallowed and gave a safe estimate.

"Best case scenario, at least two to three years..."

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