Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 253: His fate

Chapter 253: His fate

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"Two to three years?!" Chu Hong Guang's face darkened. If he had to carry this stain for two to three years, even if he won in the end, Han Xian Yu would be totally worthless by then and would bring down the company's reputation for a few years.

"Do we have any other options?"

The lawyer paused for a moment, "I suggest settling this out of court and trying our best to minimize the damage from this incident."

When Fei Yang heard that, he was anxious, "How can we do that? Isn't that the same as admitting guilt? Han Xian Yu's name would be stained forever!"

At this moment, a refined gentleman in a grey suit across Fei Yang said casually, "So you want to drag all the celebrities in the company down just for Han Xian Yu's sake?"

Fei Yang's expression changed, "Zhou Wen Bin, what are you trying to say?"

Zhou Wen Bin shrugged, "Fei Yang, we can't be too righteous. This issue was started by Han Xian Yu and implicated everyone in the company—even our shares are dropping. To date, you don't even have any evidence to prove his innocence. Do you really want everybody in the company to be dragged down with him and await their deaths?"

Zhou Wen Bin's words garnered the support of many of the other managers.

"Wen Bin's right, there's no reason for all of us to take the blame for Han Xian Yu's wrongdoings, right?"

"I also think the best course of action right now is to cut our losses immediately!"

The discussion got louder with almost everyone agreeable to settling this out of court. There were even some managers who complained, resentful of Han Xian Yu for implicating the celebrities they were in charge of.

While the rowdy discussions were underway, Fei Yang's face turned uglier and both his hands shook with fury.

When Han Xian Yu basked in glory, so many of them sucked up to him. Which of the celebrities under the management of these people didn't freeload on Han Xian Yu's popularity?

But now, everyone's hitting a man when he's down!

"Xian Yu, say something. All these people are pushing you to your death!" Fei Yang couldn't take it any longer and he turned to Han Xian Yu, who hadn't said a word.

Han Xian Yu sat silently in the meeting room. It seemed like he hadn't heard the discussions and noise around him. His pale face and dark eye circles revealed how worn out he was from this crisis.

He glanced coldly at all these people who wanted him to give up, an inexpressible emotion in his eyes.

When Zhou Wen Bin heard everyone backing him up, a shred of subtle happiness beamed across his face as he turned to Chu Hong Guang, "Chairman Chu, this implicates the reputation of the company so we really hope you make a decision soon!"

Chu Hong Guang listened as everyone argued; he had a terrible headache. Naturally, he couldn't bear to let go of his money tree, Han Xian Yu, but judging by the circumstances, it was probably too late to save Han Xian Yu at this point. If this dragged on, it would be disastrous for the company and could also defame the other celebrities.

Fei Yang saw that Chu Hong Guang was slightly wavering and he said anxiously, "Boss, Xian Yu definitely didn't do those things! That couple is obviously trying to extort money from him; it's all for money! If we just give them some money, then Xian Yu will be in the clear!"

"Fei Yang, is maintaining Han Xian Yu's innocence still important?" Zhou Wen Bin sneered and his gaze swept to the pale Han Xian Yu, "What's important is not whether he did it or not; the public already believes he did it."

Fei Yang prepared to argue with Zhou Wen Bin.

However, Chu Hong Guang raised his hand and interrupted the two of them. He spoke gravely, "Wen Bin's right, it's not important whether Han Xian Yu did it or not. What's important is how we're going to protect the interests of the company."

Chu Hong Guang's words instantly made Fei Yang's face turn ghastly white; he looked at Han Xian Yu in panic.

Han Xian Yu, who had just been sitting there with his handsome face completely numb, finally pursed his lips when he heard Chu Hong Guang say "it's not important whether Han Xian Yu did it or not."

Tsk, not important...

Everybody thinks it's not important...

Under the everyone's anticipatory gaze, Chu Hong Guang took a deep breath. The corners of his lips moved slightly and it looked like he was about to speak.

Han Xian Yu closed his eyes slowly. He didn't need to hear what Chu Hong Guang was going to say—he could already see his fate...

"After careful consideration, regarding Han Xian Yu's scandal, I've decided to protect the best interests of the company. We will immediately settle this out of court in accordance to the lawyer's advice and..."

A loud bang suddenly swallowed the last few words from Chu Hong Guang's speech.

Every single person in the meeting room turned towards the sound.

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