Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 251: Reasoning with these people

Chapter 251: Reasoning with these people

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At this moment, a tall and skinny reporter with a pointy mouth and a chin like a monkey's squeezed through the crowd to get to Jiang Yan Ran. At the same time, she made the cameraman point the camera at her. She was up to no good.

"Miss, may I know if you're a fan of Han Xian Yu?" the lanky reporter asked in an odd tone.

Jiang Yan Ran looked straight into the camera and responded resolutely, "Yes."

The reporter then passed the microphone over, "With regards to the incident of Han Xian Yu sexually abusing a little girl, what are your thoughts?"

Jiang Yan Ran suppressed the anger boiling inside and replied calmly, " Mr Reporter, before I reply to your question, I don't agree with the way you phrased it. The court hasn't come to a verdict yet, so you shouldn't use words like 'sexually abuse'."

The reporter sneered, "The girl's statement has already been publicized and traces of the sleeping pill have also been found in her body and were reported very clearly in the medical report. Many insiders, even Han Xian Yu's ex-girlfriend, already divulged that Han Xian Yu's a paedophile. It's an open secret in the industry. There is also photo evidence of Han Xian Yu lying in the same bed with many little girls. Do you still think Han Xian Yu is innocent?"

Jiang Yan Ran clenched her fists. "From the viewpoint of the law, all this evidence can't prove that Han Xian Yu did anything at all. The statement was given by the girl alone; there were no witnesses around. Also, we can't be sure who fed the sleeping pill to the little girl. All the news that the so-called insiders provided were also just verbal statements and those photos..."

"All the evidence is laid out in front of you, yet you're still denying the truth! So this is the kind of fans Han Xian Yu has! The girl's statement, photo and medical report have been presented, yet you're still trying to distort the truth! Like idol, like fans!" the reporter interrupted Jiang Yan Ran in a fit.

Jiang Yan Ran was also enraged by what he said. "What do you mean, 'like idol, like fans'? Han Xian Yu has always been charitable and kind ever since his debut; he spreads positivity to his fans, he..."

"But the truth is, all this was just to cover up his dirty, perverted and despicable self!" Once again, the reported interrupted her.

"Since the court has already accepted the case, shouldn't we leave the court to give the verdict? Who are you to..."

"With such irrefutable evidence, do we still need to wait for a verdict from the court? Or is it that Han Xian Yu was unable to bribe the little girl's parents and wants to pressure the court instead? Let me tell you, no matter what the court's verdict is, the fact that Han Xian Yu sexually assaulted a little girl will never change. If the court is unable to bring justice to the victims, then we reporters have to seek justice for them instead!" the reporter yelled.

The lanky reporter's words suddenly incited all the other reporters to join in, "That's right! We must seek justice for the victims! Don't think you can screw over people just because you're rich and powerful!"

"You think just because you have fans, you'll be able to change public opinion? In your dreams!"

"Remove this public cancerous tumour! Let's get the fans to face the truth!"

"How could a pretty girl like you be so cruel?! The entire life of that little child was ruined by that bastard, yet you're still speaking up for him! Are you even human?"

"I didn't; I was merely speaking the truth!"

"The truth is that Han Xian Yu is a despicable and filthy pervert!"

Jiang Yan Ran tried to reason things out calmly, but nobody wanted to speak reason. Nobody bothered about the rationality of the evidence and all of them just attacked her, shoving the camera in her face.

Chu Feng was squeezed out of the crowd and became anxious, seeing that the situation was getting out of hand and Jiang Yan Ran was being attacked from all sides.

"Ah——who kicked me!"

At that moment, the cameraman next to Jiang Yan Ran suddenly felt a sharp pain on his calf and his body tilted to one side, knocking the camera of another reporter to the floor. Both of them started fighting.

While the crowd was in chaos, Ye Wanwan quietly sneaked to Jiang Yan Ran's side and swiftly placed her jacket over Jiang Yan Ran's head, "Let's go! Don't be silly! You can't reason with these people!"

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