Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 250: The significance of an idol

Chapter 250: The significance of an idol

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Ye Wanwan went through the messages Zhao Da Yong published on his social media the entire night. She fell asleep unknowingly and was only woken up by a phone call from Jiang Yan Ran the next morning.

Half an hour after she hung up, Ye Wanwan reached the entrance of the court.

Many fashionable teenagers crowded together, and there were a few people who held signs. Written on the signs were along the lines of: "Han Xian Yu was framed", "Han Xian Yu is innocent", "Burn the rumours!"

At the same time, there were also many reporters waiting outside the court.

In her past life, the incident about Han Xian Yu sexually abusing a child reached everybody and had a great impact on society. Ye Wanwan hadn't forgotten the sequence of events.

The girl's father should be taking Han Xian Yu to court today.

"Wanwan-jie, you're here too." Chu Feng, who was dressed casually, squeezed through the crowd and walked to Ye Wanwan.

"Yeah," Ye Wanwan nodded. "Yan Ran called me just now."

Jiang Yan Ran was Han Xian Yu's die-hard fan. She got the news first-hand that the girl's father was taking Han Xian Yu to court and she immediately called Chu Feng and Ye Wanwan over.

"Wanwan, you're here..." When Jiang Yan Ran saw Ye Wanwan, she nearly teared up from feeling so aggrieved. "Even people with little knowledge of the law know that those so-called pieces of evidence are not substantial; why is everyone saying that Xianxian's guilty so confidently? Since the matter's been brought to court, shouldn't they back their words with evidence?"

"That couple would resort to every conceivable means of getting money; what's more infuriating are those reporters fanning the flames!" Chu Feng said, agitated.


"Today, Mr and Mrs Zhao are bringing the current most popular celebrity, Han Xian Yu, to court. According to the report, the court has officially accepted this case. We will continue to monitor this report closely..."

A formally-dressed female reporter spoke in front of the camera.

Quite a number of people at the court entrance joined in on the buzz; each person had their own opinion about the case.

"All these celebrities now are really dirty; he won't even let a little kid off!"

"Exactly. That Han Xian Yu changed his villa into a theme park and said he was doing charity work the whole time, but it was all to do something so perverted; he's worse than a beast!"

"Ay, Mr and Mrs Zhao's little girl is really pitiful... why was she targeted by that bastard? He left such a big shadow over that little girl!"

"I'm sure this little girl isn't the only one who was abused; if Mr and Mrs Zhao didn't bring this matter up, I'm not sure how many others would suffer in silence!"

"Damn! Are all these people idiots?" Hearing the crowd call Han Xian Yu a bastard, Chu Feng was fuming and looked like he was about to charge up to argue with them but was stopped by Ye Wanwan.

"What are you doing?"

"Wanwan-jie, they don't even have any evidence. They're saying it's raining when they only heard the howling of the wind! The court hasn't given their verdict, yet these people are convicting my idol of the crime already! How could they!" Chu Feng gritted his teeth.

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Are you sure that... Han Xian Yu's your idol...? This guy's fallen too deep...

"Aren't you tarnishing Han Xian Yu's name if you argue with them? Then people would just start saying that Han Xian Yu's fans were making a scene."

Chu Feng paused, nodded and looked at Ye Wanwan in a daze, "Wanwan-jie, you're right..."

Jiang Yan Ran nodded, "We must never be swayed, no matter what other people say!"

Han Xian Yu's fans weren't bad-- they were simply holding their banners up and weren't arguing with anybody.

Meanwhile, the reporters at the court entrance tried to influence public opinion, provoking the crowd to convict Han Xian Yu of the crime directly.

When those gossipy passer-bys overheard Jiang Yan Ran's conversation, they all shot disdainful looks at their group, "Ay, all these youngsters can't tell right from wrong. The issue has already gotten to this point, yet they're still unable to distinguish the truth and keep insisting that the bastard isn't guilty and was framed!"

"They actually support those kinds of bastards who wouldn't even let a child off; their brains must be damaged!"

Jiang Yan Ran's eyes turned red from anger-- all these people had no idea at all; they didn't know the significance of an idol.

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