Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 249: It's a sunny day if master doesn't get jealous

Chapter 249: It's a sunny day if master doesn't get jealous

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With regards to Ye Wanwan's mindblowing idea, Si Ye Han's expression was: "..."

Ye Wanwan skipped over and tried her best to sell the idea to him, "Don't you think this would be the safest way? Then next time, baby, you wouldn't have to worry about me attracting other men!"

The more Ye Wanwan thought about it, the more feasible it seemed. This face of hers was pretty troublesome and it was already pretty inconvenient for a girl like her to be in the entertainment industry. If she pretended to be a man, it'd be easier for her to work in the field. The best thing was that her looks wouldn't go to waste since pretty boys were a trend now.

Si Ye Han supported his head on one hand and his eyes shifted a little. Ye Wanwan couldn't tell whether he agreed with her idea or not.

What this little wretch said makes some sense but I somehow feel like there's something wrong somewhere...

Ye Wanwan muttered softly, "Wanwan's already trying her very, very, very best to follow your rules..."

As she spoke, Xu Yi walked over from the kitchen to inform them that dinner was ready.

When Ye Wanwan saw Xu Yi, she immediately tried to make him an ally. She hurriedly waved him over, "Housekeeper Xu, housekeeper Xu! Come over! I have something I need your opinion on!"

"Me?" Xu Yi first glanced at his master before making his way over suspiciously.

Ye Wanwan immediately said, "It's the summer holidays now and I'll be going to university very soon. I already went through most of the syllabus for university and I'll definitely focus all my energy on my work in future, but this face of mine is not so good for... *cough* not so good for keeping a harmonious family...

"In order to prevent some unnecessary trouble, I came up with the idea of dressing up as a man, what do you think? Isn't it great?"

While speaking, Ye Wanwan gave Xu Yi a secret nod, trying to tell him that they were on the same team.

"Dress as... a man...?!" Xu Yi genuinely thought there was a big hole in Ye Wanwan's brain.

But if Ye Wanwan pretends to be a man, there wouldn't be any other men harassing her anymore, right?

The skies will be clear as long as master doesn't get jealous!

Xu Yi thought about it earnestly and found it a surprisingly sound idea so he spoke up, "It's indeed more convenient to be a man and safer for you too."

Ye Wanwan was surprised, "Baby, look, housekeeper Xu also agreed!"

When Ye Wanwan finished speaking, she discreetly opened a webpage on her phone for him to see. "Baby, I have to quickly start working and earn money... look, look... I've already chosen the props I want to use in future..."

The link was to purchase a pair of... studded diamonds... and extremely shiny.... sexy handcuffs...

Si Ye Han: "Okay."

Finally, things were settled. Ye Wanwan let out a yelp and kissed Si Ye Han.

Many years later, people often asked this wise and strategic man, the most outstanding master in the history of the Si family, whether he made any bad decisions in life.

Each time someone asked him this question, Si Ye Han thought back to this day...

And a certain male housekeeper also expressed sorrow at the way his life had been drastically affected.

After she overcame this big obstacle, Ye Wanwan then moved on to the next step of her plan.

She disguised herself as a reporter and added the little girl's father, Zhao Da Yong, on his personal WeChat and QQ. She read through every single detail in his profile--his circle of friends, his space and all the daily messages he sent to various social accounts. Then, by using her memory, she found everything she needed.

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