Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 248: How beautiful is your girlfriend?

Chapter 248: How beautiful is your girlfriend?

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After the phone call, Ye Wanwan returned to Jin garden, preoccupied with her thoughts.

When she made this phone call, she was already a little on edge. But now with the guilt and self-reproach combined from her two lives, in addition to the nasty criticism from her brother who never spoke so harshly to her in the past, she couldn't keep it together anymore.

Ye Wanwan took a deep breath and tried her best to control her emotions.

At this moment, her phone rang with a "ding" and a piece of entertainment news popped up.

Ye Wanwan opened the article and saw that a media company had published another explosive piece of news--Han Xian Yu had attacked a reporter in a moment of rage. All the netizens scolded him, with the situation becoming more and more unfavourable towards Han Xian Yu.

For these sudden scandals, the celebrity had to prove his innocence within a certain timeframe. If the scandal was dragged out for a long time, the public would be left with a bad impression even if the star was eventually proven innocent.

I have to quickly talk with Han Xian Yu's people and turn the situation around before it's too late...

However before I can settle things, I need a suitable identity.

With that thought, Ye Wanwan was at a loss.

Actually, she had stumbled into this problem before because the conditions Si Ye Han laid out in exchange for her freedom included a very strict rule: No attracting the opposite sex.

How could she ever fulfil that?

Thankfully, I didn't decide to be a celebrity. Otherwise, this clause alone would prevent me from doing anything.

But even working behind the scenes, this face of mine will never be completely safe.

She thought about whether she wanted to use her exotic, heavy makeup look but it was impractical. The entertainment field wasn't the same as school--it was much crueller and more realistic. Furthermore, the entertainment field was a place where looks were of utmost importance.

With that terrifying face, she'd scare people off even before she could start talking about working together.

Ye Wanwan used all her brain juices to think of a solution when a pair of familiar footsteps and the clear voice of a man came from behind her, "You finished your exams?"

Ye Wanwan immediately turned her head and saw a certain someone dressed in a completely black suit, looking pleasing to the eye as usual, "You're back! So early? I thought you said that you had a meeting today?"

"It's over."


Si Ye Han stared at her for a few seconds and then suddenly asked, "You didn't do well?"

Ye Wanwan blinked her eyes in confusion, "Ah? Nope, I think I did quite well this time. Everyone complained about how hard the last math question was, but I was able to do it. Anyway, what made you suddenly ask if I didn't do well?"

Si Ye Han replied, "You're unhappy."

"Uh..." Ye Wanwan was slightly speechless. I went to wash my face when I arrived home and even took a very long time to readjust my feelings yet he could still tell I'm unhappy?

Ye Wanwan coughed lightly, "It's not that I'm unhappy, I just have a problem I can't solve..."

"What problem?" Si Ye Han loosened the tie on his collar and sat down on the sofa.

Ye Wanwan thought about the best way to phrase her sentence before shifting closer to him, "It's like this: baby, there's a rule in the agreement you set previously, the one that states I'm not allowed to attract the opposite sex. I think this rule is too unreasonable!"

Si Ye Han glanced at her, "Unreasonable?"

Ye Wanwan instantly nodded her head, "That's right, that's right! Think about it, how beautiful is your girlfriend, don't you know? With my face, how could I not attract any suitors? Even if I don't want to be a celebrity in the future, I might not even be a hundred percent safe just working behind the scenes! So could you please remove this rule? After all, any attraction to me would be due to my face; it's not me who wants to attract the men!"

Si Ye Han cast a sidelong glance at her when he heard her shameless proclamation "How beautiful is your girlfriend" and replied, "I never said it was reasonable."

Upon hearing Si Ye Han's "must-the-rules-set-by-the-King-be-reasonable" tone, Ye Wanwan was left without any words to rebut him.

Fine, fine, fine... Your servant will think of a way, alright?

Ye Wanwan scratched her head in frustration, "I could cover this face with thick makeup but it's a disadvantage to be that ugly in this industry. So what's the best way to completely prevent the opposite sex from being attracted to me? I've thought about it over and over again... and could only come up with one solution..."

Si Ye Han looked at her, interested to know the answer.

Thus, Ye Wanwan paused and she looked at Si Ye Han with sparkling eyes, "The solution is... to dress as a man..."

I won't attract any suitors then!

I'm a total genius!

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