Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 247: What right do you have?

Chapter 247: What right do you have?

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Ye Mu Fan's voice froze, "Mind your own business! It's my life!"

Fire arose in Ye Wanwan's eyes, "Does Shen Meng Qi know you're useless and spend your time idling all day long?"

As he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and was also the only grandson in the family, Ye Mu Fan was spoiled to the point where he became self-satisfied, unwilling to work hard to improve himself. He was also hedonistic--he took pleasure in hanging out with a gang of scoundrels all the time, in addition to fighting, racing, gambling, fooling around with women and loafing through life.

But there was no denying he was very good looking and had a smooth way of talking to people. He was also normally very kind to this little sister of his--no matter where he went, he never forgot to prepare a special present for her; also, all she had to do was give him a call for help and he'd drop everything to help her no matter what he was doing.

In her previous life, she hated him for having no ambition--when her family fell apart, he gave up on himself and refused to work to better his circumstances. Ye Mu Fan's relationship with her also soured further when she discarded her dignity and allowed Gu Yue Ze to take advantage of her. Whenever they saw each other, they usually ended up in a big fight, incapable of communicating with each other. By the end, they stopped talking altogether.

As expected, Ye Mu Fan's voice turned even colder after Ye Wanwan's words, "Don't keep bringing Shen Meng Qi up to threaten me. Anyway, to all of you, I'm just a useless piece of garbage. Meng Qi's not like you; she never criticized me for anything! Never looked down on me!"

"That's because she doesn't even care about you! You dumb a**!" Ye Wanwan shouted, unable to hold herself back anymore.

Ye Mu Fan was instantly agitated by Ye Wanwan's words and sneered, "Tsk tsk, you think I'm dumb? You think I'm useless, just idling all day long? Ye Wanwan, what right do you have to criticize me? Do you know how our family ended up in this state? Do you know what kind of scum Gu Yue Ze is, the Gu Yue Ze you follow around like a shameless dog? Which one of us has the heart of a wolf and lungs of a dog [1]?"

Ye Wanwan trembled in fury at Ye Mu Fan's words. She dug her nails into her palms, "It's me... It's me who's dumb! It's me who's useless! It's me who idles all day long! I'm the one who ruined the Ye family! I'm the cruel one who cut ties with mom and dad!

But I was also wronged and framed! I didn't do drugs at all! I didn't fall in with the wrong crowd! Do you believe me?

I was sent to that place, terrified. I was cut off from all communication to the outside world; I couldn't contact dad, mom or you at all and when I finally escaped, my life was in shambles--my friends left me, my fiance broke up with me, my family and relatives, even grandpa and grandma, all scolded dad. And remember how you treated me? You just criticized and cursed at me non-stop, not to mention that slap!

But ge ge... when I was locked up, where were you? When I was injected with drugs by Ye Yiyi, where were you?

I've been all alone in the world these two years. Have you ever once stopped to think about what I've been through? Have you cared one bit? You... what right do you have to criticize me, then?"

As she said the last word, Ye Wanwan's voice began to shatter.

The phone remained silent for a very long time before his frantic voice came through, "You... you knew..."

Ye Wanwan suppressed her shaking voice and continued, "I was too gullible so I fell into their trap... I was too arrogant so I kept breaking mom and dad's hearts... I was too weak so that they had to sacrifice so much in order to protect me...

I caused them to lose their reputation and fall from grace in order to protect me... I caused them to have to live under someone else's roof and suffer all kinds of humiliation and pain...

While I, the main culprit, kept living, blissfully unaware...

But I didn't know... I didn't know anything at all... nobody told me... I wouldn't have guessed that my ignorance and stupidity could harm the people closest to me so badly..."

Ye Mu Fan sounded shocked, "How did you find out? Did mom and dad tell you? No... impossible... they'd never tell you..."

"Doesn't matter how I found out. Ye Mu Fan, if you want to continue wasting your life then go on. If you want to continue believing in an outsider, it's up to you. I'll be the one taking care of and protecting mom and dad next time. I'll take revenge for the Ye family!" Ye Wanwan hung up without waiting for Ye Mu Fan's response.


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[1]: Having the heart of a wolf and lungs of a dog means to be cruel and unscrupulous.

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