Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 246: I won't give you a single cent

Chapter 246: I won't give you a single cent

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"Have you received a summons from the court?" the piercingly cold voice of the little girl's father came through the receiver.

"I'm Han Xian Yu's manager, Fei Yang. Zhao Da Yong, just let us know how much money you want; we'll give it to you as long as you tell the truth to the media!" Fei Yang pressed the recording button and tried to pry the truth out of him to be used as evidence.

When the man over the phone heard what he said, he was silent for a moment, then he replied with an extreme rage in his voice, "Bulls***! What do you mean by that? Han Xian Yu is a paedophile; he's a pervert! Even if he has money, he can't get away with being morally corrupt, running wild and turning facts upside down!"

Who exactly is the one turning facts upside down?

Fei Yang finally understood how Han Xian Yu felt when he lost control. He took a deep breath and replied, "Zhao Da Yong, when your daughter was very ill, her medical bills were all paid for by Han Xian Yu. How could you accuse him like that, how can you live with yourself?"

"So just because Han Xian Yu helped my daughter with her medical bills, I have to let him violate her?"

"You..." Fei Yang never expected the man to be this shameless. Not only was Fei Yang unable to pry out the truth from Zhao Da Yong, Zhao Da Yong was acting so indignant and angry to the death.

"In order to satisfy his selfish desires, Han Xian Yu took advantage of my little daughter; he's a bastard!"

At this moment, Han Xian Yu grabbed the phone away from Fei Yang and said, enunciating each word clearly, "Let me tell you, there's no use even if you sue me. I won't give you a single cent!"

The man over the phone sneered, "Sure, Han Xian Yu. Since you're not feeling remorseful for your actions at all, we'll see what happens!"


After Ye Wanwan left Chu Feng and Jiang Yan Ran, she checked her message inbox.

In her inbox, the last message was still the one she sent the day before asking her older brother out. He hadn't replied.

The corners of Ye Wanwan's lips curled upwards as a spark ignited in her eyes. You really want to push me to the extreme, don't you?

Ye Wanwan sent another text over leisurely: [Call me within ten minutes. Otherwise, the little video clips of you sleeping around with hot girls and famous models will be sent to Shen Meng Qi's email inbox!]

After she sent the text, Ye Wanwan stood at the same spot and counted in her heart: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...

The moment she reached "9", her phone rang and on the screen were the words "The unrivalled and most handsome guy in the world"; she jumped with shock.

Ye Wanwan picked up the phone slowly, "Hello?"

"Ye Wanwan! Don't you dare!!!" the exasperated voice of Ye Mu Fan came through the receiver.

Ye Wanwan giggled, "Oh, this busy man finally has the time to call back? Why wouldn't I dare? Anyway, a person like me is capable of anything, right?"

Ye Mu Fan gritted his teeth, "How could you have those video clips?!"

"I secretly took them; nobody said I wasn't allowed?"

"Ye Wanwan, you pervert!" Ye Mu Fan shouted and then suddenly regained his senses. "Stop trying to scare me! How could you possibly have those things! You thought I'd really fall for that? Furthermore, Meng Qi knows about my past--she wouldn't do anything even after watching them!"

Ye Wanwan was about to speak when the sloppy voice of a stranger came through the receiver from Ye Mu Fan's side, "Ay ay ay, place your bets, place your bets! Ye Mu Fan, are you still playing or not? If you are then hurry and place your bet now; I don't have all day!"

"Got it, stop rushing me! I'll be there soon!" Ye Mu Fan replied, annoyed.

Ye Wanwan heard the noise on Ye Mu Fan's side and her face changed, "Ye Mu Fan! You're gambling again?"

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