Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 245: Harassed to death

Chapter 245: Harassed to death

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A manor under Han Xian Yu's name was shaped into a child-like paradise. He often extended invitations to the children he helped before, along with his young fans, generously offering up his place to play.

At that time, the company had many photos of Han Xian Yu interacting with the kids--some showed him playing with the children, doing activities, and rolling and laughing in the grass; the photo on the bed was just one of many.

The bedroom in the photo was, in fact, Han Xian Yu's; the bed in his room was in the shape of a pirate ship so kids really liked it and often jumped onto the bed with him.

Now that the media had zeroed in on that photo alone, it looked like evidence of him sexually assaulting the kids.

Han Xian Yu took off his shades and stared at the photo. Anger rose on his face.

The reporters at the scene noticed his expression and went even crazier, charging at him, "Han Xian Yu! Are you still denying the allegations at this point in time? The little girl already accused you, said you took off her clothes and inappropriately touched her private parts. You even forced her to perform oral sex on you! How could you do something like that to a child?! You're worse than a beast!"

Han Xian Yu paused and silently turned to the reporter who had just spoken, "Say that again."

When the reporters finally saw Han Xian Yu reacting to their accusations, excitement flashed in their eyes as they turned on their video cameras.

The sharp-tongued reporter replied with a scornful look, "Why? Now that you've done it, you don't have the guts to admit it? What outstanding idol, acting like a virtuous young man in the entertainment industry--you're just a hypocrite! Disgusting and perverted! Oh right, I heard you had a younger sister who passed away due to an illness when she was six. Hmph, now that I think about it... maybe she was harassed to death by you!"

The moment the reporter said that, a howl akin to a pig getting slaughtered resounded. Han Xian Yu delivered a punch to his face...


Everyone started shouting at the scene; it was total chaos.

"He punched someone! Han Xian Yu punched someone!"

"He actually punched a reporter! The reporter pushed his buttons too far and angered him!"

"He's too much!"

"Stop! Xian Yu! Are you insane?!" Despair and astonishment filled his manager's face.

But Han Xian Yu had already lost all sense of rationality; the manager and bodyguard couldn't hold him back and could only watch as he pummeled the reporter on the ground, punching him continuously.

This entire scene was recorded by all the reporters present...

In the end, all the security guards were called in and finally managed to disperse the chaotic crowd.

The reporter rubbed his severely bruised and swollen face as he glared at Han Xian Yu fiercely, "Han Xian Yu, just you wait! Justice will prevail! I'll definitely be the one to reveal your true colours!"

After the chaos, he finally returned home.

Han Xian Yu dropped onto the sofa with menacing anger from the fight still lingering in his eyes while his manager, Fei Yang, was bogged down with endless calls.

At this point, photos and videos of the fight scene had already been uploaded onto the web, spreading the news like wildfire.

All the netizens were on the reporter's side and were fired up by his words "justice will prevail". The unfavourable public opinion of the star quickly increased...

Fei Yang was scolded terribly by the higher-ups in the company. He hung his head with a defeated look and said to Han Xian Yu, "Xian Yu, you're too rash! I already warned you that you were to remain calm no matter what! Those reporters want juicy news and would provoke you with their words, praying for you to lose control and do something! You're so kind--you brought them a knife personally!"

Fei Yang wanted to continue but when he noticed Han Xian Yu sitting on the sofa without a sound, looking at his little sister's photo on his phone, he finally sighed and stopped.

What the reporter said was unacceptable, but netizens wouldn't consider Han Xian Yu's point of view and think hard about it. They'd probably even associate what the reporter said with something dirty and nasty.

Fei Yang thought long and hard about how to redeem Han Xian Yu's image when all of a sudden, Han Xian Yu's phone rang--it was a familiar number.

It was the father of the little girl.

Fei Yang was stunned. He was afraid Han Xian Yu would lose control and say something he shouldn't so he quickly said, "Pass me the phone, I'll speak to him!"


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