Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 244: What goes around comes around

Chapter 244: What goes around comes around

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Ye Wanwan swept through the comments on the website and saw that most people didn't question whether it was the truth or not. They all cursed at him, saying he was a pervert, that the entertainment field was messy and that Emperor Sky would definitely take this opportunity to trample him.

In just a few short hours, the news had already taken over the headlines and hottest topics in various big entertainment websites.

Ye Wanwan sighed, "Unless the other party admits they were lying to extort a hefty sum of money from him, then..."

Jiang Yan Ran turned pale, "If their intention really was to frame him, why would they admit it?"

That's right, this is exactly where the problem lay.

How do you get the other party to tell the truth?

If she waited a few years until the girl told the truth, the flowers would've withered by then, so to speak.

"Why don't we act more brutal and give them a little scare? Force the truth out of them?" Chu Feng suggested.

Ye Wanwan shook her head, "Right now, Han Xian Yu is the accused one--how could he use such aggressive tactics? Furthermore, Emperor Sky must be watching closely for Worldwide to fall from their own mistakes. If they found out Han Xian Yu resorted to violence and extortion, he'd have no hope of reprieve."

Actually, in her past life when this incident occurred, she'd already thought hard about this problem. And she had really found a solution to it.

However, she was limited in her abilities as she'd just made her debut so it was impossible to help him, a complete stranger.

Chu Feng thought about it and offered, "As the saying goes, heaven blesses the good man; maybe there will be a turn of events?"

Jiang Yan Ran nodded dispiritedly, "Hopefully that's the case. Anyway, before there's any concrete evidence, I refuse to follow the crowd blindly; I trust him."

Chu Feng agreed, "Let's cheer Xianxian on together!"

Jiang Yan Ran was touched and hugged Chu Feng, "Chu Feng, thank you..."

Chu Feng's body suddenly became a block of ice--his face was totally flushed and he seemed to be in a trance as he replied, "Wh... why are you thanking me? Your idol is my idol!"

Ye Wanwan, watching their lovey-dovey-ness, "..."

Ay, what goes around comes around.


An entrance to a certain superior villa in Imperial City:

A large horde of reporters crowded around Han Xian Yu and his manager the moment he stepped out of his caregiver's car.

"Han Xian Yu, were Mr and Mrs Zhao's words true? Did you perform any indecent acts or sexually assault their ten-year-old daughter?!"

"All these years, were those so-called charities, aid for sick children and invitations to visit your manor simply ways of satisfying your nauseating appetite?"

"Han Xian Yu, are you really a paedophile? Do you have any psychological illnesses?"

Han Xian Yu was in a full black outfit. He wore a pair of oversized shades to hide half of his face and didn't speak a single word throughout. He was protected by his bodyguard and manager as he moved forward.

His manager raised his arms to block a few reporters who stuck their microphones in Han Xian Yu's face. He raised his voice, "Please make way! Please make way, everyone! The wise man knows that he knows nothing while the fool thinks he knows it all! We will give a satisfactory answer to all these questions once the truth is out!"

At this moment, one of the reporters pulled out a large photograph furiously and shouted in a piercing voice, "The wise man knows that he knows nothing while the fool thinks he knows it all? How do you explain all these pictures? Many kids were in your private bedroom and laid in your bed; can we say that you not only violated and sexually assaulted one child, but many others as well?"

Actually, the photo the reporter pulled out was no secret--it had been published to the media by the company itself.

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