Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 243: It must be fake!

Chapter 243: It must be fake!

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Han Xian Yu was currently Worldwide Entertainment's most popular, most profitable male actor, earning the title of "Asia's Most Popular Prince" from teenage girls.

Due to his dashing looks and cool personality, he stole the hearts of many the moment he made his debut; everything went very smoothly for him and he became a big hit. He became even more popular than the hottest actor from Emperor Sky, Ling Shao Zhe.

The two of them were roughly the same age so their positions were very close and they were fierce competitors.

Not long ago, Han Xian Yu had taken on a big production that had millions invested in it. With the Hollywood special effects team and appearance of all the megastars, it would definitely be a big hit once it screened, allowing him to reach another pinnacle of his career. Who knew that something like this would happen to him at this pivotal moment?

If Han Xian Yu's career was over, all the movies in his hands would go to Ling Shao Zhe for sure, including any major financial backing he had--they would take the first chance to split the money and leave.

Jiang Yan Ran cried out, "The rival company must be responsible! They're trying to defame Xianxian!"

Chu Feng muttered softly, "But there are testimonies from the little girl and her parents..."

Jiang Yan Ran immediately looked up from Ye Wanwan's embrace and glared at him, "So what if there are testimonies? Couldn't they be lying?"

Chu Feng's voice became meeker, "But they also found the evidence of sleeping pills in the child's body..."

Jiang Yan Ran's eyes were on the verge of spitting fire, "That can't prove my husband was the one who fed them to her! Is there any evidence? Did anybody witness it?"

Chu Feng instantly nodded his head like a rattle-drum, "Yes yes yes! It must be fake! Your husband has been so warm and charitable; he's so friendly even to kids that he would never do something like this!"

Hearing Jiang Yan Ran and Chu Feng squabbling, Ye Wanwan laughed out.

Actually, what Jiang Yan Ran said just now wasn't wrong at all. This entire incident was a very nasty trap.

In order to demand and extort a huge amount of money, the little girl's parents acted out this entire incident, giving the kid a shot of drugs and even teaching her to lie in order to frame Han Xian Yu for indecency and sexual assault.

In her previous life, the trap set by the girl's parents wasn't great, and there was no concrete evidence against him, so Han Xian Yu was unable to be convicted of the offence. However, with this kind of civil case, if the parents really wanted to keep pursuing the matter, the outcome would be unthinkable. What's worse was it could drag on for many years.

Due to public opinion and pressure, the court was also obviously biased so the company arranged for the star to settle this matter out of court.

But a few years later, the little girl probably felt guilty so she told the truth and finally wiped Han Xian Yu's record clean.

But his career had already taken a dive because of the scandal; a shining star had fallen just like that...

Although Han Xian Yu was an actor from the rival company, Ye Wanwan's impression of him wasn't too bad. It was rare to find a popular novice who looked good and was also great at acting--even her father praised him.

Actually, she considered giving him a warning before everything unfolded but thought it was unrealistic. After all, she knew about this only because she had already lived out the future. Since other people didn't know about it, if she really warned him, it would sound quite ridiculous.

Jiang Yan Ran panicked, "What should we do? So many people believe that girl and her parents; they even said Xianxian held charity balls and invited young kids to attend so he could molest those young girls! How could they make such baseless speculations? It's too much!"

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