Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 239: The final tuition fee

Chapter 239: The final tuition fee

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Lin Que also left in anger, just like Si Xia did.

Ye Wanwan looked at Si Ye Han in a perplexed manner and asked, "You've been home these past few days just so you could tutor me?"

When she heard what Lin Que said, she recalled that Si Ye Han had indeed been home before 8 p.m. and hadn't returned late lately.

Si Ye Han didn't deny it and gave her a meaningful look, "I did it to prevent a certain someone from being unsatisfied with my tutoring and demanding a refund."

"Hehehe..." Ye Wanwan had a look of guilt, being exposed like that. "Why... Why would I..."

I really had been thinking about getting a refund though...

After she completed the application form, Ye Wanwan funnelled all her energy into the final sprint of studying before the exams.

In the blink of an eye, it was the night before college entrance exams.

Si Ye Han had already fallen asleep next to her but Ye Wanwan was overcome with anxiety for the exams the next day and was tossing around in bed, unable to fall asleep.

Ay, unknowingly, I've been sleeping with Si Ye Han for almost a month already.

I've come a long way from the beginning when I was so scared... now look at me today, when I'm actually able to view myself as a pillow for him.

When Si Ye Han says sleep, he really means sleep and he actually treats sleep very seriously.

Other than not being used to sleeping in such an intimate position, everything else is fine.

And since tomorrow is the day of my exams, this will be the last night of paying my tuition fees...

Probably because Ye Wanwan was restless in bed that night, Si Ye Han's fluttery lashes trembled as he slowly opened his eyes.

In the dark, that pair of mysterious eyes stared at the girl in his embrace, then he lowered his head and kissed her on her lips...

Ye Wanwan, who was tossing around, suddenly felt softness and warmth on her lips. Her eyes widened. "..."

"You woke me up," the man's tone had an obvious tinge of anger in it.

I'm dead meat! I actually woke him up by accident! The great devil's temper when he gets up...terrifying!

Ye Wanwan swallowed, "I... I didn't mean it... it's just that I have exams tomorrow... I'm too nervous so I can't fall asleep."

"Don't sleep then."

The moment he said that he wrapped her up tightly around him and started to plant kisses on her forehead, eyes, lips, collarbone...

Ye Wanwan held tightly onto the buttons on her clothes to prevent him from unfastening them; she was on the verge of crying. Why did I provoke the great devil on the final night?!

"I was wrong, I was wrong! I'll definitely try harder to sleep and stop moving! Please calm down! This could affect my performance on the exams tomorrow!"

Si Ye Han nibbled lightly along her collarbone, "It won't."

Ye Wanwan grabbed a pillow next to her and blocked him, "How wouldn't it?!"

Si Ye Han: "You could do all those questions even with your eyes closed."

Ye Wanwan was speechless: "What the!"

It's no use even if you give me a magic potion to bewitch me!

Ye Wanwan took advantage of the fact that he was still groggy from his sleep--she quickly rolled to the side of the bed.

He stared unhappily at Ye Wanwan who had just escaped his clutches. The gloominess in his eyes increased and loomed with danger as he warned, "Come here."

I'm no fool! If I go over, will I even be able to crawl out of bed for exams in the morning?

But it was also impossible to not go over.

Ye Wanwan didn't have a choice; she slowly went over. While Si Ye Han was kissing her, her soft little hands lightly caressed his hair and neck, the gentleness in her tone could lull a person into entering the soft clouds of sleep, "Be good and sleep... alright... I'll sleep with you ah..."

"No..." Si Ye Han spoke this single word and buried himself into her neck, his breathing gradually becoming heavier.

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