Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 240: Omnipotent survival skills

Chapter 240: Omnipotent survival skills

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When she felt that Si Ye Han was no longer moving, Ye Wanwan blinked, then blinked again.

Did he fall asleep?

Wow, it actually worked!

She remembered the first time Si Ye Han was nearly woken up by the ringtone on Xu Yi's phone. At that time, she did the exact same thing to coax him back to sleep. This time around, she had given it a try in a moment of desperation and it actually worked.

Thank goodness, thank goodness. That almost scared me to death...

It was becoming more and more peculiar--Si Ye Han had a serious case of insomnia in her previous life; it was so serious that it was beyond cure. How come he's able to fall asleep so easily in this life?

Previously, she thought it was simply a coincidence but she had been observing him for almost a month; it couldn't be a mistake.

Was it because something changed when she was reborn?

Just like the butterfly effect: a little change is enough to bring about many unforeseeable larger changes.

No matter what the reason was, Ye Wanwan planned to stay put in this position as she didn't dare to wake him up again.

Probably due to Si Ye Han's words just now, "You could do all those questions even with your eyes closed", her anxious heart seemed to have calmed down.

Exactly, what's there to be nervous about? She was able to memorize the liberal arts notes just by reading them once. As for math, she had improved rapidly under the guidance of Si Ye Han. Ye Wanwan had completed some mock exam papers at home and never scored lower than 140 points.

With that thought, Ye Wanwan started feeling sleepy and finally fell asleep...

The next morning:

Ye Wanwan woke up invigorated--she finally paid off her tuition fees.

She sat up immediately, lifted up the sheets stealthily and prepared to get up.

But she only got halfway up before a hand snaked around her waist and pushed her back down onto the pillow.

Ye Wanwan turned and looked at the man next to her and said weakly, "Uh... It's already been... eight... eight hours..."

The morning rays from the sun peeped through the gaps in the curtains and bounced off the flawless face of Si Ye Han, his sleepy eyes appeared misty as if luring one deep into the woods...

Ye Wanwan wasn't sure whether it was her illusion but she felt like Si Ye Han had become better looking lately; his skin was akin to top-grade porcelain without a single pore--it was even better than hers. Often, she'd forget about her fear and feel tempted to touch his face while he was asleep...

Could it be from all the sleep he's getting? Seems like "beauty sleep" has a scientific basis ...

"It's been 7 hours 59 minutes 31 seconds..."

The moment he said that, he continued his unfinished business from the night before.

Ye Wanwan, who was getting her collarbone bitten, was dumbfounded.

What dedication! He still remembers even after a complete night of sleep?

There are only 29 seconds left, what can you do?

Ye Wanwan raised her arm discreetly...

This time, he didn't wait for Ye Wanwan to do the same old trick with her arm and immediately forced it down on the pillow.

He narrowed his icy cold yet terrifying eyes, lowered his head and kissed her ferociously, bringing about a taste of his punishment.

Just as Ye Wanwan was scared out of her wits, the clock on the wall rang with a "da" and it finally pointed at 6 o'clock sharp.

When Ye Wanwan regained her senses from the lack of air and dizziness, she realised Si Ye Han was already out of bed, had removed his pyjamas and was in the process of changing into his clothes.

He wore black pants and a white shirt with buttons fastened all the way to the top. The mist beneath his eyes was gone and right now, he wore an indifferent and alert expression, turning back into a cold immortal banished from heaven, looking like he didn't live on the same level as common mortals.

He ordered her with a stiff expression while getting dressed, "Get up and get ready."

"Oh..." Ye Wanwan replied in a daze, completely astonished.

He could actually keep it together after acting so animalistic a second ago... this guy was really quite scary.

He had so much self-control that he was able to overcome the physiology and instincts of a man but why then, did he always get so mad at incomprehensible issues?

She was so afraid of him because he was so hot-tempered and couldn't control his emotions in her past life.

For example, right now, Si Ye Han was staring at her while she was daydreaming. His cold countenance had flashes of a violent storm brewing, "What're you thinking about?"

She almost forgot that thinking about something else while being with him was one of Si Ye Han's taboos. Ye Wanwan quickly banished her thoughts, "Nothing nothing, I just find your figure really nice! Accidentally admired it for too long!"

Thankfully... I got some omnipotent survival skills after being reborn...

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