Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 238: Girlfriend's exams

Chapter 238: Girlfriend's exams

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It wasn't just Si Xia who was shocked; even Xu Yi, standing at the side, was shocked. It had been a whole two years--no matter how bad Ye Wanwan's tantrums were, he never let her go. Although her freedom came at a price now, the master seemed to have finally relented.

A little girl like her who hasn't even graduated from high school, who messed up all her relationships at home, who had all her clothes and food provided for her the past two years, who always has countless bodyguards and servants--how could she survive, being left to her own devices so suddenly?

Could it be that master changed his tactics and wanted her to experience some hardships in the real world in order to make her stay by his side voluntarily?

Si Xia stood up all of a sudden, "Ye Wanwan, was your brain eaten by pigs? You're willing to agree to such unfair terms of slavery?"

Ye Wanwan was afraid that he'd wreck the matter that she'd tried so hard to settle, so she immediately shot him a look, "I just love to sell myself to my baby, so what?"

Bastard! Always trying to stir up trouble for me; he's really asking for a beating!

Si Ye Han looked at her, "Who's your baby?"

Ye Wanwan immediately said sweetly, "Obviously my baby's you, this is a nickname for lovers~"

"..." At this moment, the teenager felt so disturbed that he started questioning his life purpose.

Why does it feel like not only did I fail in stirring up trouble, but I even helped her in her attack!?

Si Xia gritted his teeth and interrupted the two disrespectful lovebirds, "I finished the application, may I go now?"

"Yes." Si Ye Han was in a good mood and finally let him off.


Si Xia only made it out a few steps when a man dressed in bright colours walked into the house, "Ah, Xiaxia, you're here too! What happened to you, kid? Why do you look like that?"

This expression seems quite familiar...

Si Xia wasn't in the mood to bother with him and left with a darkened expression.

Ye Wanwan saw the brightly-dressed Lin Que and the corners of her mouth twitched-- his aesthetic taste is something else .

If it wasn't for his good looks, people would be completely blinded by this outfit. Despite his getup, he actually dared to make a dig at her.

"9th brother, I already asked you out almost eight hundred times and you didn't even humor me once; you're not giving me face!"

It seemed like Lin Que couldn't manage to meet up with Si Ye Han so he came personally to question him.

Lin Que complained angrily, "Forget about all the other times! But you didn't turn up today as well! Today was the special day that I was going to introduce my girlfriend to you guys! How could you neglect me like this--we can't be brothers anymore! Let's end this!"

Si Ye Han rested his forehead on his hand and glanced at him, "Okay."

A cold breeze blew...

Lin Que: "..."

Even Ye Wanwan pitied Lin Que.

But was showing off his girlfriend considered important? He changed girlfriends as often as he changed his clothes...

Lin Que was in tears as he lamented, "You're heartless and shameless! How could you treat me like this?! You abandoned me for an entire month! What're you so busy with all the time?"

Si Ye Han didn't even lift his head and continued making marks on the practice booklet with his red pen, "My girlfriend has her major exams coming up so I won't be attending any social functions for now."

Lin Que was stunned, then he realised what Si Ye Han was holding. It was a math practice book and all the red ticks and comments were all Si Ye Han's handwriting.

Lin Que was in a daze for a long while before cursing, "...damn!"

He finally knew why Si Xia's expression was so familiar-- it's the abused look of a single dog!

He hadn't had a girlfriend in a long time because he found relationships boring. This time, he got a girlfriend purely for revenge because he was abused before and wanted to show-off a little in front of Si Ye Han.

Who knew that even with a girlfriend to show off, I'd still get so badly abused...

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