Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 233: Monitor me closely

Chapter 233: Monitor me closely

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Not far from the villa:

Just as Xu Yi mentally prepared for his own death, he finally saw Ye Wanwan walking out from the yard.

He was so emotional like he'd finally seen the light on Judgment Day!

Ye Wanwan pulled the car door open and sat inside.

One look at Xu Yi's expression and she knew what he was thinking. Ye Wanwan laughed, "Housekeeper Xu, I've said it before--even if I cause trouble, I wouldn't do it on your shift. I'll definitely keep my word."

Xu Yi was quite touched after hearing that. He coughed lightly, "Miss Ye, it's great that you've thought things through but I really can't agree to your request. As long as you know your place, I think master won't make things hard for you."

Ye Wanwan replied, terrified, "This isn't an issue of whether or not he'll make things difficult for me--with my current status, it's just hard for me to gain a footing in the Si family. You should know this."

In her past life, after Si Ye Han found out she ran away with Gu Yue Ze, he immediately dragged her to the civil administration office to register for their marriage and announced her status in front of the entire Si family. What followed was naturally a unanimous objection from everybody.

Ye Wanwan sighed, "It's fine, I know it's hard for you. In the Si house, you're the nicest to me and I'm not an ungrateful person so just think I'm returning the favour!"

Xu Yi felt somewhat guilty after hearing that. Although his actions weren't as intense as Liu Ying's, he also hated and rejected Ye Wanwan and was prejudiced against her.

Xu Yi hesitated for a long while before finally relenting, "How do you want me to help you...?"

Seeing that Xu Yi was convinced, Ye Wanwan spoke carefully, "Actually, it's very simple. I just need you to monitor Si Ye Han for me, like what he's doing to me. Take note of when it's inconvenient for me to interrupt, which days he's in a bad mood, what his likes and dislikes are, which girl he's close with, like Miss Qin Ruo Xi for instance. She likes your master, right?"

Ye Wanwan babbled on quite a bit but actually, the main point she wanted to get to was "Qin Ruo Xi", her number one enemy.

Everything she said sounded fine until Xu Yi heard the last sentence. Beads of cold sweat formed and he said, "Miss Ye, I can help you with some of those things but my hands are tied regarding Miss Ruo Xi."

How could I ever leak master's personal matters? And this is related to Miss Ruo Xi!

"Got it, thanks, housekeeper Xu."

Qin Ruo Xi definitely isn't someone I can easily shake up...

But Ye Wanwan was already very satisfied with his answer.

After Xu Yi dropped off Ye Wanwan at Jin garden, he reported to Si Ye Han upstairs.

"Master, I already drove Miss Ye to her uncle's place but she only stayed there for about ten minutes before leaving."

"Got it, anything else?" Seeing that Xu Yi hadn't immediately left after his report, Si Ye Han looked up from his documents.

Xu Yi looked guilty with a gaze which seemed to be able to penetrate one's thoughts. Finally, he couldn't hold it in and said, "Miss Ye asked me for a favor..."

"What favor?"

"She... She hopes that I can monitor you for her!"

"Monitor me?" Si Ye Han's eyes lit up.

"Yes... But it's nothing much... she's just afraid of provoking you so she wants me to tell her things such as your likes and dislikes... and also whether..."

Xu Yi swallowed and continued nervously, "Also which girl you're close with, especially... Miss Ruo Xi... Miss Ye said that Miss Ruo Xi seems to be interested in you... judging by Miss Ye's attitude... she seems to have some hostility towards Miss Ruo Xi..."

In front of the desk, Si Ye Han's expression was unreadable. After a long period of silence, he finally said one word, "Hm."

Xu Yi's heart was beating hard-- what does he mean by "hm"?

Si Ye Han glanced at him and said, "Monitor me closely."

Xu Yi: "..."

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