Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 234: As fat as a pig

Chapter 234: As fat as a pig

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Xu Yi's tears ended up flowing like a river as he left the room.

Imagine me feeling so guilty for a second, troubled with trying to please both sides. In the end, I can't believe master actually asked me to "monitor him closely"?!

Even when the subject of Miss Ruo Xi was touched upon, his master didn't seem to be mad at Ye Wanwan at all.

I made a serious mistake.

How could I forget that master is now charging full-speed towards becoming a complete fool?!

. ..

Following her interaction with Xu Yi, Ye Wanwan entered an intense, hellish studying mode in preparation for the exams.

Ever since Si Ye Han visited the school, not a single blade of grass grew in acres of peach trees [1]. Combined with the stressful school atmosphere for the upcoming exams, her days in school were very peaceful and free of suitors.

As for the old Cheng Xue who always fought against her, it was as if she'd become another person. On the day Ye Wanwan returned to school, Cheng Xue splashed makeup remover oil on her own face and apologized to her in front of all her classmates.

Not only did she stop fighting with her, she even seemed to care a lot for her, looking after her in every possible way. An inappropriate way of saying it would be that she treated Ye Wanwan like her own mother and was very filial towards her. Also, every time Shen Meng Qi went looking for Wanwan, she'd be driven away by Cheng Xue.

The great devil's force of deterrence is truly not just on the surface...

Ye Wanwan knew what Cheng Xue was worried about but she wasn't born yesterday; she wasn't keen on telling on her to Si Ye Han. After a month of Cheng Xue feeding her all kinds of snacks, their feud vanished into thin air.

Normally when she was at home, Si Ye Han wouldn't allow her to eat too much junk food. Also, since she was penniless, Si Ye Han filled the house with clothes, makeup and designer bags for her. But he wouldn't give her any money; she could only ask Xu Yi to help her buy the things she needed and Xu Yi obviously wouldn't buy junk food for her--how tragic.

Very soon, there was only a week left until exams.

Before the end of school, the form teacher gave out the exam applications and instructed all the students to bring them home to get their parents to sign them.

Ye Wanwan went to the usual spot to wait for Xu Yi to pick her up, but Si Xia ended up tailing her to the spot as well.

Ye Wanwan was stunned, "Why are you following me?"

Although this guy had been quite well-behaved recently, she still didn't dare to put her guard down.

Si Xia followed behind unhurriedly, "Can't I hitch a ride?"

When she got up, she realized that Si Ye Han was in the backseat. This was probably because he finished work earlier today so Xu Yi picked him up before fetching her.

Ye Wanwan sat down and explained, "Xiaxia's hitching a ride!"

She immediately turned to Si Xia and said, "Sit at the front, it's too squished here!"

Si Xia looked at the backseat spacious enough to hold a small meeting and his eyes widened. He scoffed, "Who wants to sit in the back?"

After Ye Wanwan got in, Si Ye Han passed her a basket and inside was a delicate and beautiful strawberry cake.

Even though Si Ye Han restricted her junk food consumption, he still prepared some desserts for her occasionally to make her happy.

When Ye Wanwan saw what was inside, her eyes lit up instantly as she picked it up unabashed and prepared to gobble it whole, "For me? Thanks!"

All throughout the school day, Si Xia watched her eating non-stop. He couldn't believe she was actually pigging out again now. His face turned extremely dark, "Eat, eat, eat! Wait till you become as fat as a pig!"

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes at him, "So what? You think your uncle's as shallow as you? He wouldn't leave me even if I become any fatter!"

Again, he was being compared to Si Ye Han. The veins on Si Xia's forehead popped out; he couldn't hold it in any longer and suddenly, he sneered, "Ye Wanwan, do you really think you're my aunt? The whole Si family, our whole circle--who doesn't know that my 9th aunt is Qin Ruo Xi?!"


Translator's Thoughts

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[1]: In the Chinese context, peaches are known to be suitors, so what this means is that Si Ye Han chased away all of Ye Wanwan's suitors just by making one trip down to her school!

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