Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 232: The kind of wealth fit for an entire nation

Chapter 232: The kind of wealth fit for an entire nation

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Liang Jia Hao frowned, "Hanhan, how could you speak to your auntie like that? And Xiu Min, you shouldn't spout nonsense!"

"It's the truth! I'm not saying anything wrong yet daddy's scolding me..." Liang Shi Han, in complete disbelief from being reprimanded, ran away crying.

Liang Jia Hao, feeling the guilt from scolding his precious baby girl, turned to his sister helplessly, "Jie, I've already done everything I could. Everyone in this family is relying on me and I'm under a lot of pressure; this is the best I could do..."

While Ye Wanwan took in this scene, a frenzy of anger bubbled in her chest.

Great! Liang Jia Hao, you're great! Fang Xiu Min, you're just great!

Her parents helped this family so much; they even loved Liang Shi Han like their own daughter and her dad was the one who provided the funds and connections for Liang Jia Hao's little company. Even the house they're living in now was once part of dad's estate. Everything the Liang family has right now was provided for them by her parents.

Now that dad's lost his power, this is how that family treats him.

Liang Jia Hao watched his own wife and daughter humiliating mom yet he didn't say a word in defense .

In the yard, after Liang Jia Hao went into the house, only her mother was left standing there alone.

She knew that with her mother's character, no matter how much the Ye family bullied her, she'd keep everything bottled up and wouldn't tell a soul about it.

With their current financial situation, it was too expensive to live elsewhere so all her mother could do was continue tolerating the abuse.

Ye Wanwan clenched her fists and watched from behind the tree. After a very long time, her mother slowly bent down and continued working with the clothes, hanging each piece up, one by one...

Watching her mother's thin and sad figure, Ye Wanwan really wanted to rush over to her side...

But what can I do even if I run over to her?

Other than crying and begging mom for forgiveness, other than letting her know how terrible I've been living, other than making her worry, I can't do anything else!

I have to quickly get mom and dad out of this place! And not let them suffer a moment longer!

Previously, she stubbornly maintained her image in front of Gu Yue Ze and spent the money her father had given her, using it to buy beautiful but useless things.

Right now, I need money--lots and lots of it!

Not just money to buy a house for mom and dad, not just money for them to live a good life but the kind of wealth fit for an entire nation!

The kind of wealth that could even allow me to gain freedom from Si Ye Han...

Once my wealth has accumulated to a certain point, I'll have limitless power and connections... I'd have it all...

She knew that with her current situation, it'd be as hard as touching the skies for her to make a comeback; Ye Yiyi would probably use everything in her power to stop her too.

I need a partner who could contend against Emperor Sky.

As the saying goes, the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Right now, the best choice would be Emperor Sky's arch enemy, Worldwide Entertainment.

However, why would a big company like Worldwide work with a nobody like me...?

I don't have the capital needed to make Worldwide consider working with me.

Thankfully, the chance I've been waiting for will soon be here...

Ye Wanwan concealed all these feelings, took out her phone and read the latest bit of news about a popular artist from Worldwide on her radar.

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