Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 231: Charity for idlers

Chapter 231: Charity for idlers

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Fang Xiu Min looked at her beautiful and amazing daughter and said proudly, "Yes, yes, yes, mommy's wrong. My daughter's so beautiful and amazing; when you get into Imperial Media, I'll get your father to ask your Aunt Mei Xuan for an internship at Emperor Sky!"

"Really? Can I really intern at Emperor Sky?" Liang Shi Han's face was filled with excitement.

"Of course, the President's wife of Ye Group is your aunt--all she has to do is say the word!"


The two of them spoke freely without regard to Liang Wan Jun at all. If Ye Wanwan was able to hear their conversation, Liang Wan Jun could definitely hear them as well.

Ye Wanwan saw clearly that when her mother heard her name being mentioned, her mother's face turned pale immediately.

Tsk, Liang Shi Han calls Liang Mei Xuan her aunt?

Before dad lost his power, Fang Xiu Min treated Liang Mei Xuan as an illegitimate daughter but now she's become Liang Shi Han's close aunt!

Liang Shi Han was still discontent and acted like a spoiled kid but when she heard the engine of a car coming from the front, she suddenly smiled and walked over happily, "Dad, you're home!"

Ye Wanwan followed the gaze of Liang Shi Han. Uncle Liang Jia Hao's back ...

"Hubby, you're finally back! You've been working very hard!" The cute and helpless-looking Fang Xiu Min went over and helped him with his bag.

Having his pretty wife and cute daughter welcoming him home after work, Liang Jia Hao was delighted. "What are the two of you doing out in the yard?"

"I'm helping Jiejie hang the clothes!" Fang Xiu Min replied shamelessly.

Liang Wan Jun seemed accustomed to Fang Xiu Min being two-faced, but she didn't want to impact her younger brother's relationship with his wife so she stayed silent and glanced in the direction of the car worriedly. Then she asked her younger brother, "Jiajia, where's your brother-in-law? He didn't come back with you? I thought he said he would come home to rest early since it's the weekend?"

Liang Jia Hao replied, slightly uneasily, "There's quite a bit of work at the company lately so brother-in-law has to work over-time..."

Liang Wan Jun was worried about her husband's health and became anxious, "You know your brother-in-law's health isn't good, why didn't you try to convince him otherwise and let him over-exert himself?"

Liang Jia Hao felt somewhat guilty and was at a loss for words, "I..."

He was actually not adept at managing the company at all. Furthermore, Fang Xiu Min kept nagging him to use his brother-in-law for free labour in order to make up for the free room and board so he simply delegated all the work to him.

When Fang Xiu Min heard these words, she raised her brows and spoke at the top of her voice, "Jiejie, I can't believe what you just said. Brother-in-law embezzled public funds and was notorious for his actions. If we didn't let him work in the company, which company would hire him?

Since he's working for us, obviously, he has to work hard. The company isn't a charity for idlers! Others work overtime so why can't he do the same? Is he the boss?"

Fang Xiu Min turned to Liang Jia Hao with an aggrieved and heartbroken expression, "Jia Hao, I didn't want to speak up because I respect her as your older sister but what Jiejie said was simply too mean. Not only do you have to support her, you have to support her husband as well. You didn't even take a single cent from them ever since they moved in and even gave brother-in-law a job but now, Jiejie's standing here acting so entitled and demanding so much from you. How are we going to continue living together as a family?"

Liang Shi Han chimed in angrily, "Auntie, how could you say this? You're living with us and eating our food yet you have the guts to scold my father, how ungrateful! If you can't tolerate this then move out. Why are you still here, disturbing our peace?!"

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