Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 230: Outsiders

Chapter 230: Outsiders

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Is mom actually washing the clothes for Uncle's entire family?

Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows. Then, she heard footsteps approaching.

She saw a voluptuous woman with big wavy hair walking out of the house, clutching a pink skirt. She walked towards her mother and said unhappily, "Jiejie [1], why is my skirt like this?"

Her mother turned and glanced at the woman, then looked at the skirt in her hands, looking somewhat surprised, "This... why is there a snagged thread?"

"Did you wash it using the washing machine?" Wanwan's auntie, Fang Xiu Min, asked with an ugly expression.

"I asked you and you said it was machine washable so I put it in..."

Fang Xiu Min screamed in agitation suddenly, "HOW COULD IT BE MACHINE WASHABLE?! THIS IS REAL SILK! I was probably helping Hanhan with her homework at the time and didn't hear you properly so I just blurted out a reply. But Jiejie, you used to wear nice clothes all the time! How is it that you can't differentiate between clothing materials now?"

Liang Wan Jun looked slightly embarrassed, "I'm sorry, I've been staying up late trying to rush customers' handmade orders recently and my vision is a bit blurry now... Tell me how much it costs and I'll pay you back!"

Fang Xiu Min looked at the piece of clothing in her hands with a heartbroken expression and said mockingly, "It's over ten thousand, how are you going to pay? You wouldn't be able to afford one of these even if you sold a hundred of those cheap things you're making!"

"Shao Ting and I don't have much money at the moment, but when Mu Fan comes back..."

With an annoyed expression and flash of disdain in her eyes, Fang Xiu Min waved her arm as if to ward off bad luck and said with a faux generous smile, "Forget it, with the miserable income that he brings in, he doesn't make enough to meet your living expenses every month, right? Don't worry about paying for this skirt; otherwise, Jia Hao would think that I'm giving Jiejie trouble!"

At this moment, a pretty girl wearing a lady-like dress walked out of the house. Her gaze swept over Liang Wan Jun slowly, "Auntie, you should handwash every single piece of clothing in the future, in case you ruin anything else. Also, the washing machine's too loud and noisy--how can I study with that thing going on?"

Fang Xiu Min looked at her precious daughter and walked over anxiously, "Baby girl, what are you doing outside? You should be focusing on your studies right now!"

Fang Xiu Min then turned to Ye Wanwan's mother, looking upset and apologetic, "Jiejie, I'm so sorry, Hanhan's going to have her college entrance exams soon. It can't be too noisy or else she'll be distracted. We'll have to trouble Jiejie to handwash all the clothes for the time being.

We did have a nanny at home before and didn't need Jiejie to do all this housework but our family's gotten bigger and the expenses are high so I had to fire the nanny. I have to take care and help Hanhan with her studies so I really don't have the time to do any of this--so sorry for troubling you. Jiejie, you don't mind, right?"

Liang Wan Jun pursed her lips, "It's nothing, let me handle it..."

Anyway, she didn't want to eat and live for free either and was willing to help with the washing and cooking since they all fell within her range of abilities.

Liang Shi Han frowned when she heard that, "Mom, why are you being so nice to her? She eats and lives here for free; she uses our stuff for free. So what if we're just asking her to wash a few pieces of clothing? I hate having outsiders in our house; it's so annoying!"

Fang Xiu Min hurriedly soothed her, "Be good, darling. I'll get her to stay away and avoid bothering you. Focus on preparing for your exams and don't get distracted. Please don't become like your cousin!"

Liang Shi Han gave her a look of disdain, "Mom, are you kidding? How could you compare me with Ye Wanwan?!"

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[1]: Jie jie means older sister in Chinese.

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