Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 2312 - The true domineering CEO Wanwan is online

Chapter 2312 The true domineering CEO Wanwan is online

Nearby, Yi Lingjun’s face was as dark as the underside of a pan. “Couldn’t she have lasted a little longer?”

The sight of Ye Wanwan’s shattered table surfaced in Medusa’s mind and she cleared her throat. “She lasted a few minutes at least and controlled her expression. It was very difficult already…”

Yi Lingjun: “…” How hard it must’ve been on her!

No one had a stronger reaction than Yin Heng. He missed several steps and accidentally stepped on Qin Xiyuan’s feet.

Qin Xiyuan bore the pain and glared at Yin Heng. Only then did Yin Heng listlessly look away, but his mind had evidently drifted from the dance.

He never would’ve expected Yi Yunmo to start a conversation with Si Yehan…

She even… invited Si Yehan to dance!

Si Yehan seemed to be stunned by the girl’s invitation and turned silent without answering.

Ye Wanwan wasn’t impatient though and maintained her icy face.

Not a flaw or emotion could be seen from the duo’s faces, and the originally outspoken crowd fell into a strange silence.

A moment later, Si Yehan finally responded, “Apologies, Miss Yi, but I don’t feel well today.”

Everyone: “…!!!”

He… he rejected her?

Si Yehan actually rejected her???

Was he mad?

“Is Director Si serious? He actually rejected Yi Yunmo?”

“If he even looks down on the President’s daughter, just how high are his standards?”

“Only a goddess could obtain his liking, right?!”

When Yin Yuerong saw his son rejecting Yi Yunmo, she nearly spewed out blood in her anger.

She was blasé when his son told her he didn’t like Qin Xiyuan and thought he was merely young and ignorant. She never expected him to dislike Yi Yunmo too.

Everyone’s eyebrows were raised.

“It’s obvious Yi Yunmo isn’t someone to be trifled with! I wager Si Yehan is probably in trouble this time!”

“My popcorn is ready!”

Forget about them, but Lin Que and Yu Shao were also drenched in sweat.

They might suspect this woman’s identity, but her current identity was Yi Lingjun’s daughter and she wasn’t a benevolent character.

Yu Shao didn’t dare to watch anymore while Lin Que secretly pounded his chest and stomped his feet. “Ninth Brother, h-h-he… he actually rejected her this publicly? Couldn’t he have showed her an ounce of courtesy? Anyway, Ninth Sister isn’t here and won’t see or know!”

Everyone waited for Yi Yunmo to blow her fuse and humiliate Si Yehan, but Yi Yunmo didn’t appear to be angry in the slightest regarding Si Yehan’s rejection. She merely nodded lightly in understanding before asking, “You don’t mind me sitting here, right?”

“Of course not.”

Ye Wanwan then raised her hand and a nearby waiter quickly sprinted over and cautiously asked, “Miss Yi, what is your request?”

It was over, it was over! Miss Yi was surely about to erupt in rage!

Ye Wanwan glanced at the red wine in front of Si Yehan. “Take away Director Si’s wine.”

The waiter was bewildered. “Eh, Miss Yi, you’re saying…”

What did she mean by taking away Director Si’s wine?

Ye Wanwan’s domineering tone didn’t allow any room for objection. “Replace it with a calming remedy ginseng soup.”

The waiter: “…”

Ye Wanwan frowned and added, “The temperature is too low. Director Si doesn’t feel well, so bring a blanket over.”

The waiter: “…”

Si Yehan: “…”

Everyone: “…”

Ye Wanwan’s series of signature, domineering CEO maneuvers successfully dumbfounded everyone.

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