Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 2313 - Must be a goddess

Chapter 2313 Must be a goddess

Qin Xiyuan finally couldn’t keep dancing due to Yin Heng constantly stepping on her feet, and she fiercely glared at him.

However, Yin Heng didn’t have any presence of mind to comfort the complaining Qin Xiyuan and was incredulously staring at the duo in the distance.

Under the resplendent lights, the girl’s eyes were as gorgeous as the Northern lights. Sitting next to the aloof Si Yehan, they enhanced each other’s beauty.

Two similarly icy people should be awkward when placed together no matter how you looked at it, but they gave others a sense of inexplicable harmony.

Just what in the world did Yi Yunmo mean?

Didn’t she think it was beneath her to speak to Si Yehan earlier?

Why did her attitude toward him change so drastically all of a sudden?

Of course, Qin Xiyuan was nowhere near pleased. She just made the claim that it was Si Yehan who chased after her and she didn’t like him.

Now though, Si Yehan rejected even the President’s daughter.

How could anyone with a pair of eyes believe her words now?

As Qin Xiyuan expected, some people realized the inconsistency.

“Actually, there were rumors that it was Qin Xiyuan who pursued Si Yehan but was rejected. I originally didn’t believe it and found it impossible, but now I kinda believe it!”

“After all, he rejected even Yi Yunmo… Say, do you think Director Si doesn’t even like women?”

“I don’t think so. I heard he has a fiancée; she’s the Second Miss of Yun City’s Nie family!”

Other people became reverent. “That Second Miss must be a goddess, right?!”

The waiter finally shook off his stupor and didn’t dare to delay it anymore. He quickly left to prepare the ginseng soup and blanket.

Ye Wanwan was about to say something when Yi Lingjun walked over with a fatherly expression on his face. He lightly laid his hand on Ye Wanwan’s shoulder and said, “Yunmo, come with me. Father will introduce some friends to you!”

Yi Lingjun: Little girl! If you don’t restrain yourself, you’ll seriously drop your disguise!!!

Ye Wanwan unhappily clicked her tongue internally but knew she shouldn’t overdo it.

And so Ye Wanwan turned to Si Yehan and apathetically said, “Excuse me, Director Si.”

Soon, she followed Yi Lingjun and left.

Not long after Ye Wanwan left, Lin Que and Yu Shao came running over.

Lin Que still looked frightened. “D*mn! That scared me to death, that scared me to death! Ninth Brother, what’s going on?”

Yi Yunmo’s reaction was scarier than her losing her temper on the spot.

Yu Shao furtively suggested, “Perhaps she purely wanted to show some concern?”

Lin Que looked at Yu Shao like he was an idiot. “If it was someone else—if it was anyone else here today—that might be possible. But it was Yi Yunmo. Look at her condescending demeanor and how she won’t even waste her words on anyone—do you think she would show concern for a person out of boredom?”

Yu Shao stared at him. “What do you think was the reason then?”

Lin Que: “…” He… he didn’t dare to say…

Lin Que turned to Si Yehan. “Ninth Brother, say something!”

Si Yehan glanced at Lin Que from the corner of his eyes. “Say what? Yi Yunmo took a liking to me?”

“U-uh… you said it yourself, alright… I didn’t say anything…”

It’s the truth that your face attracts too many admirers. You can’t fault me for thinking wildly…

Lin Que took a gulp. “Ninth Brother, I’m about to go crazy. Just how is this woman connected to Ninth Sister? How about you give her a call right now and ask?”

Si Yehan glanced at Lin Que again. “If Wanwan is sincerely trying to conceal herself from me, she would’ve made preparations beforehand, and we couldn’t weasel out any truths even if we called her.”

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