Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 2311 - Take the initiative to attack

Chapter 2311 Take the initiative to attack

“Sigh, Yin Heng has the elegant demeanor and the looks, and he’s also the future successor of the Yin family, so it’s really hard to compete with him…”

“Heh, take a look at Director Si. He chased after Miss Qin Xiyuan for a long time, but she completely ignored him. In the end, it was Yin Heng who succeeded. Director Si must not feel good having to watch Qin Xiyuan and Yin Heng dance, right?”

“Didn’t you see? Si Yehan knows he doesn’t have any hope with Qin Xiyuan. He couldn’t even win against Yin Heng but actually wanted to befriend Yi Yunmo just now!”

“Haha, what ridiculous joke is that? Even Miss Qin Xiyuan looks down on him, not to mention someone of Yi Yunmo’s status. Does he really think he can make every woman fall in love with him relying solely on his face…?”

It wasn’t just women; men could also be jealous.

Si Yehan usurped such a high position in the Arbitration Council out of nowhere and became the youngest director in all of the Arbitration Council’s history, and his looks had captured nearly all the hearts of every socialite in the city. Moreover, Si Yehan always traversed alone and didn’t befriend anyone, so there were naturally many people who secretly disliked him.

Now that those people saw how Qin Xiyuan was stolen from him by his brother, they were naturally rejoicing in his misfortune.

“I doubt Yi Yunmo considered him a person at all. Someone with her kind of personality considers themselves a god and looks down on everyone. Even now, not a single person dares to invite her to dance with them.”

It wasn’t that no one wanted to befriend Yi Yunmo and share a dance with her. It was just that no one had the guts. Yi Yunmo’s aura was too overbearing and apathetic to the extreme.

A person like Yi Yunmo was disdainful of even conversing with other people. So wouldn’t they be asking for humiliation if they invited her to dance?

Soon, Yin Heng and Qin Xiyuan started whirling around the dance floor. The handsome couple attracted nearly everyone’s attention, eliciting envy in their watchers.

Yin Heng imperceptibly glanced at Si Yehan, provocation in his eyes.

On the other hand, Qin Xiyuan’s gaze toward Si Yehan was filled with derision, clearly asking: “Do you regret it now, Director Si?”

“Sigh, what an ideal couple they are. They seriously match each other perfectly.”

“How nice would it be if it were me who was dancing with Eldest Miss Qin…”

“I actually want to dance with Miss Yi more!”

“Keep dreaming!”

“Hahaha, I also think I’m dreaming!”

Following everyone’s chatter and admiration, someone noticed Yi Yunmo suddenly slowly walking toward the alone Si Yehan.

When Si Yehan noticed the approacher, he imperceptibly peered up, his icy gaze shooting toward the girl, but he promptly looked away as if he didn’t notice.

Everyone thought Yi Yunmo was merely passing by on her way to the desserts.

However, what caused their jaws to drop was…

When Yi Yunmo reached Si Yehan, she stopped and sat down on the high stool next to Si Yehan.

The corners of Si Yehan’s eyes turned up minutely.

At that moment, there were many empty spots around Si Yehan.

With Yi Yunmo’s personality, she was fully capable of going to an empty spot without anyone around, but she just had to sit next to Si Yehan.

Perhaps she randomly found a place to sit?

As everyone thought that, the girl unabashedly looked at the man next to her and greeted him aloofly, “Director Si, nice to meet you.”

The attention focused on Yin Heng and Qin Xiyuan dissipated almost instantly and latched onto Ye Wanwan instead.

Everyone was astonished. Yi Yunmo… initiated a conversation with Si Yehan just now?

A glint flickered and quickly disappeared in Si Yehan’s eyes. He opened his mouth and replied, “Nice to meet you.”

Si Yehan didn’t say anything else and probingly assessed the girl as if wanting to figure out her intention.

The girl retained her indifferent expression and tone. “Do you know how to dance, Director Si?”

Si Yehan was startled. “A little.”

Ye Wanwan expressionlessly continued, “Let’s dance together?”

Si Yehan: “…”

Everyone: “…???”

If people were able to forcefully explain this situation as Yi Yunmo casually greeting Si Yehan earlier, they were now uniformly dumbstruck.

The condescending Yi Yunmo took the initiative to invite Si Yehan to… dance???

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