Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 223: Wealthy families are as complicated as the seas

Chapter 223: Wealthy families are as complicated as the seas

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Ye Wanwan laid on the circular table in the yard to do some practice questions. Distracted, she didn't even notice when it started pouring and still held onto her pen in a daze.

It was only when Great White, who was dozing under the roof, suddenly roared loudly that she woke up abruptly. She quickly packed up to return to the house to seek shelter from the rain.

After she went back into the house, Ye Wanwan did the same thing as the day before--she stole a slice of beef from the fridge and placed it next to the white tiger before retreating somewhere far away.

The rain got heavier and heavier and it started to thunder.

Ye Wanwan held a practice book in her hands and sat cross-legged on the floor, not flipping through the pages. Her mind was in mess and she couldn't focus at all.

She thought about how her parents still had to depend on her uncle and live under his roof. She also thought about Gu Yue Ze and Ye Yiyi...

Nobody knew this but Ye Yiyi isn't her cousin. She's her sister from another mother!

There's a saying that goes "Wealthy families are as complicated as the seas", and the Ye family wasn't any different.

On the surface, they're the founders of the entertainment industry, have connections everywhere and are extremely powerful but the truth was that inside, they're disgusting to the point of making one puke.

Ye Yiyi's mother, Liang Mei Xuan, and her mother, Liang Wan Jun, were sisters with the same father but different mothers.

Liang Mei Xuan was the Liang family's illegitimate daughter and only entered the Liang family when she turned eighteen.

Wanwan's mother was kind and pure. Seeing that Liang Mei Xuan was weak and pitiful, she didn't treat Mei Xuan unfairly at all, although they weren't close.

Liang Mei Xuan was already in university at that time and was rejected by the roommates in her dorm. She was often bullied and always returned home with bruises.

Grandpa Liang Shi Jun suggested letting Liang Mei Xuan live with Wanwan's mother since the Ye family lived very close to Liang Mei Xuan's school.

There were so many rooms in the house that it didn't make much difference if one person moved in. Her innocent mother didn't mind at the time and agreed to let Liang Mei Xuan move into the house.

This became the start of her mother's nightmares...

Her mother was too boring and wasn't good at pleasing the in-laws. Also, she had troubles with conceiving a child. After being married for three years, she still wasn't pregnant so naturally, her in-laws had many complaints about her.

On the other hand, Liang Mei Xuan was bubbly, cute and good at sweet-talking. She stole the hearts of everyone not long after she arrived.

Another year passed and her mother still wasn't pregnant but Liang Mei Xuan was.

She was pregnant with the blood and flesh of Wanwan's father, Ye Shao Ting!

Liang Mei Xuan was jealous that Wanwan's mother had everything and was even more jealous that she was so lucky to marry into a rich family. Mei Xuan started scheming the day she stepped into the house until she finally achieved her goal of climbing into Wanwan's father's bed.

Wanwan's father was faithful to her mother. After realising that he touched Liang Mei Xuan when he was drunk, he didn't hide it from her mother. He immediately told her about the incident and begged her for forgiveness.

Her mother was furious at first and chased Liang Mei Xuan out.

Wanwan's mother turned a cold shoulder to her father for half a year. When their relationship finally improved slightly, Liang Mei Xuan was invited back once again by her mother's in-laws and by then, Liang Mei Xuan's tummy was so huge; she was almost ready for labour.

An infertile daughter-in-law versus a woman pregnant with the blood and flesh of the Ye family--it was obvious which one the elders would favour.

Then, the elders begged to allow Liang Mei Xuan to give birth to the child and wanted her father to get a divorce and marry Liang Mei Xuan. Her father objected vehemently and caused a big ruckus at home.

The elders swore to their deaths to keep the blood and flesh of the Ye family, but her father didn't want to betray her mother. Plus, Liang Mei Xuan's tummy was already so big that the baby could no longer be aborted and thus, a stalemate was reached.

In the end, her second uncle came to the rescue and said he'd always loved Liang Mei Xuan deeply and was willing to marry her. He would also treat the child in her tummy as his own.

Wanwan's father naturally objected--this was too ridiculous. How could he allow his own younger brother to marry a woman who was pregnant with his child?

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