Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 224: The evidence that destroyed their family

Chapter 224: The evidence that destroyed their family

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But Ye Shao An was resolute at that time. Even Liang Mei Xuan agreed to marry him for the sake of the child.

The elders forced her father to make a decision--either marry Liang Mei Xuan or let Ye Shao An marry her.

Under much torment, her father still rejected the idea of marrying Liang Mei Xuan.

The child was in Liang Mei Xuan's tummy--he couldn't force her to abort it and it wasn't up to him who Liang Mei Xuan chose to marry.

Just like that, Wanwan's half-sister, Ye Yiyi, also became her cousin.

After Ye Yiyi was born, even though she was a girl, the elders worried that their granddaughter would be treated unfairly so they were especially nice towards Liang Mei Xuan and Ye Yiyi. As for her mother, a chicken who couldn't lay eggs, they began to increasingly show their dislike of her.

Her mother's days in the Ye family became harder and harder--facing Liang Mei Xuan and Ye Yiyi at home daily nearly drove her to the wall. She suggested getting a divorce to her father many times but her father was in so much pain that he didn't want to live.

Fortunately, not long after, her mother became pregnant, and with a boy even.

Three years after that, her mother had Ye Wanwan too.

The prejudice her grandparents had against her mother then disappeared.

Her second uncle, Ye Shao An, was never well-liked by her grandfather. The company was basically managed by her father and her uncle always banked on his taking care of her father's illegitimate daughter all these years to ask for one condition after another. He caused trouble and made a mess in the company while her father had to deal with the aftermath.

Until Ye Shao An went too far and finally violated the Ye family's taboo--he laundered money for an overseas power, lost a big sum of money in Las Vegas and even embezzled a large sum of public funds.

After her father found out about this incident, he flew into a rage and was determined to stop overindulging him.

But just as her father was about to present the evidence to her grandfather, Ye Shao An threatened him with the video of Wanwan's drug abuse.

Since his daughter, Ye Yiyi, could no longer be used to influence him, fine. Ye Shao An still had another, even more precious daughter, Ye Wanwan!

Sure enough, her father folded right after watching the video.

Her father had to take the blame for everything Ye Shao An had done.

Her grandfather threw her father out of the company in a furious rage.

In her previous life, she was lured to a bar by Ye Yiyi and was tricked by a group of people to try drugs. At that time, the house was filled with boys and girls using drugs. The scene looked very corrupt on purpose--the entire thing was secretly taped by Ye Yiyi. That tape then became the evidence that destroyed their family.

If Ye Yiyi hadn't been worried that provoking her father too much would cause the plan to backfire, she would've directly sent people to ruin Ye Wanwan's reputation as well.

After Ye Wanwan awoke from her drunken stupor, she had no idea what happened and was still upset that Gu Yue Ze stood her up.

After that, she was dragged home by her enraged father who secretly found someone to perform a blood test.

The results of the test came out--indeed, she had used drugs and it was one of the drugs that would cause one to be addicted for a lifetime with just one usage.

Following that, she was sent to rehab at a secure location by her father. He left a sum of money for her and arranged everything.

She didn't know that in order to protect her, her father had been besieged on all sides. She just complained that her father didn't trust her and sent her to such a scary place by herself.

After that, the doctor her father had hired waited an entire month to keep tabs on her. Her drug addiction didn't act up.

Shortly after, three months went by. The doctor confirmed she didn't have an addiction to drugs, amazed. He researched for half a month and couldn't find out why. Thus, he could only conclude that the drug she'd ingested was mixed with something else and there was some sort of mutation that prevented her from becoming addicted.


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