Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 222: Failed attempt

Chapter 222: Failed attempt

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Actually, she knew that with Si Ye Han's tutoring and her exceptional memory, one month would be sufficient.

But keeping herself busy was the only way she could be calm and at ease.

She thought about her mother, thought about her father, thought about her brother, her home... All these thoughts almost drove her nuts...

She knew that Si Ye Han didn't fully trust her and was acutely aware that she couldn't do anything to provoke him.

It took me so long to appease Si Ye Han; it's not the right time to act yet.

Furthermore, she had a bad record. In order to escape in the past, she often lied that she was going to visit her parents.

If she told Si Ye Han she wanted to visit her parents at this point, it'd basically be like telling him that she was trying to escape again.

But ever since she saw her older brother at school, these feelings were much harder to suppress.

Ye Wanwan laid in bed, her sleepiness completely gone as she stared at the man next to her, counting his eyelashes while his eyes were shut.

Just how can I make Si Ye Han agree to let me go home...

After exactly two hours, Si Ye Han woke up on the dot.

Initially, she speculated whether Si Ye Han had slept at all throughout the night, but just by seeing the glow on his face like he'd absorbed all the light from the sun and the moon, she knew that he had a good sleep.

Unlike Ye Wanwan, who was listless, looking as if a demon sucked her soul out.

During breakfast, Ye Wanwan couldn't hold it in any longer.

Why don't I give it a go?

I've been so good lately...

Ye Wanwan steadied herself before carefully asking, "Hey, Si Ye Han... today's Saturday... can I go back home to visit my parents..."

Xu Yi, who was standing by the side, heard this question and gasped instantly.

Just last night, I said to Mo Xuan that Ye Wanwan's been quite well-behaved lately. This can't be another attempt to escape, right?

As expected, the moment Si Ye Han heard she wanted to return home, a layer of frost developed on his face.

He placed his cutlery down and looked at her with ice-cold eyes that carried an extreme sense of oppression. His tone was glacial as he replied, "The Ye family has nothing to do with you at all."

When she heard that, Ye Wanwan's heart dropped.

I know I've already cut ties with my family...

Ye Wanwan's eyes darkened slightly as she mumbled in a low voice, "I shouldn't have fought with them over Gu Yue Ze before. I didn't know better then and hurt them. I really want to see them right now..."

The air around Si Ye Han became even chillier as he spoke, exaggerating every single word, "I don't want to repeat myself."

Although she'd expected this, Ye Wanwan couldn't help but feel awful inside.

Si Ye Han didn't allow her to go not only because he was afraid she'd run away.

Maybe it was her perception but in both her past and current life, Si Ye Han seemed to want to isolate her from her past on purpose.

Maybe I'm still haunted by his controlling manner?

She wasn't allowed to be close to anybody, not even her family.

To him, she belonged to him and only to him.

From the moment she started being by his side, her world only revolved around him alone.

Knowing that Si Ye Han was already mad, all Ye Wanwan could do was give up for now.

Following this, the atmosphere was very cold. Nobody spoke at the dining table and Xu Yi didn't even dare to make a sound.

There seemed to be something up in the company, as Si Ye Han left with Xu Yi immediately after eating.

Without Si Ye Han around, Ye Wanwan felt quite free. But with her mood down, she wasn't able to cheer up even after seeing Great White playing with the chicks in the yard.

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