Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 22: A slacker has no right to complain

Chapter 22: A slacker has no right to complain

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If she wanted the school to eradicate the decision to expel her, the exam this time around was crucial.

Although it was a little rushed with a week left to study, it was sufficient for her.

Ye Wan Wan stopped her thoughts and started studying the textbook intently.

The boy that was lying on the desk next to her awoke to the sound of pages flipping, furrowed his brows and looked beside him.

Once he raised his head, his eyes fell upon Ye Wan Wan reading.

This girl... decided to change after being traumatized?

He was still thinking about it until he realised what Ye Wan Wan was doing. His expression turned gloomy.

Ye Wan Wan was flipping through the pages faster than she flipped out in class today.

How is this reading?

But if she's not reading, what is she doing? Is she so bored that she's flipping through the pages for fun?

"Noisy." The boy's handsome face was filled with annoyance.

Ye Wan Wan's expression turned slightly darker, this bastard is still full of energy, huh!

Believe it or not, I will use my seniority to crush you!

According to seniority, he's supposed to respectfully call me 9th aunt!

In her previous life, she only found out later that the hunk of Qing He was actually the nephew of Si Ye Han.

Ye Wan Wan raised her brows, "Oh, you find me noisy? If you're so smart then do well on the exam and move to the front then! The weak will always fall prey to the strong and the strongest will get the most respect. Slackers don't have the right to complain!"

"..." The boy was dumbfounded after being told off.

Did he just get mocked by the lousiest student in school?

Oh, very well.

For this exam, he would let her know exactly what it meant for the weak to fall prey to the strong!

The day went by quickly as the final school bell rang.

Skipping class was always fun while studying felt like being in a crematorium.

For the whole day, Ye Wan Wan looked at people with double vision, with words floating around in her vision.

In the coming week, there would be no classes so everyone could focus on studying for the coming exams.

Qing He High School used the enclosed teaching method--except for special circumstances, every student had to live on school grounds.

After school, the students filed back into their hostels. Ye Wan Wan also brought her luggage and followed them towards the hostel building.

Each dormitory was occupied by 4 people. However, her roommates jointly excluded her so she had one room to herself.

In addition, nobody knew about her relationship with Si Ye Han so in fact, living alone was ideal for her.

Her fair and delicate fingers gently pushed the door open and a familiar scent immediately came over her.

The room was not big but it was enough for her. Compared to the enormous Jin garden, this gave her a sense of security.

Furthermore, Qing He had always been funded by rich business owners and school associates so the hostel was quite decent. Other than air conditioning, each room had its own ensuite bathroom as well.

Ye Wan Wan put her luggage down and tidied up.

Once she was done, she was about to take a seat and start studying until a knock on the door interrupted her.

When she opened the door, Shen Meng Qi was standing there in a light pink lace dress.

Tears started rolling once the girl saw Ye Wan Wan, "Wan Wan! You're finally in school! I was so worried! It's so great to see that you're fine!"

Looking at Shen Meng Qi's extremely concerned reaction, Ye Wan Wan could not help but feel touched. With such a display of her acting skills, it would be difficult to alter Shen Meng Qi's course in the entertainment business.

Ye Wan Wan sat down in front of her desk, annoyed that she was disturbed, "Is there a problem? Whatever it is, please come back in a week, I don't have time now."

Shen Meng Qi assumed she had fought with Gu Yue Ze and was in a bad mood and cooed, "I think Mr Gu misunderstood your relationship with Si Ye Han but he loves you deeply and has a strong sense of responsibility. You're still in his heart--otherwise, he wouldn't have helped you! As long as you go and explain the misunderstanding to him, everything will be fine!"

Ye Wan Wan didn't have time to entertain this actress and was already engrossed in her book at this point.

Shen Meng Qi saw that Ye Wan Wan didn't stop flipping through pages in annoyance and guessed that she wasn't calming down and decided to stop trying to convince her.

"Then Wan Wan, I'm leaving first since exams are coming and I have to study. My dad will give me a new phone if I stay in the top 3 in class. Come find me if you have a problem!"

"Got it." Ye Wan Wan didn't even lift her head.

Shen Meng Qi furrowed her brows a little, not being used to Ye Wan Wan's cold attitude.

Just as she was about to leave, she caught a glimpse of a nicely-decorated paper--a love letter. 

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