Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 23: A love letter to Si Ye Han

Chapter 23: A love letter to Si Ye Han

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Shen Meng Qi sneered inside.

I thought that Ye Wan Wan had a bit of integrity this time!

Turns out she's still the same miserable wretch!

Why would she change anyway?

In a flash, Shen Meng Qi went behind Ye Wan Wan's back, took out her phone sneakily to take a photo in Ye Wan Wan's direction and then left the room silently.

Back in her hostel, Shen Meng Qi obviously did not study but instead, immediately sent a message to Si Ye Han.

Si Ye Han finally dumped that garbage Ye Wan Wan, and now, it was her perfect chance!

Si Ye Han is the successor of the Si family, which is Z country's first blue blood and so he was unattainable to commoners.

As for her, not only did she have Si Ye Han's personal number but she could also enter the so-called Imperial City's little palace, Jin garden.

She thought about how one day she would become the hostess of Jin garden with everybody talking about her relationship with Si Ye Han and she shivered in delight.

If even Ye Wan Wan, that bag of straw, can get Si Ye Han, how is it possible that I can't?

After all, he treats me so differently. Not only can I walk in and out of Jin garden, I get so many expensive gifts too. If I encounter any problems, I can bring it up to him and he'll always send people to help .

Shen Meng Qi's cheeks turned scarlet red, her whole face filled with sweetness and confidence. She just needed to work a little harder and this man would be hers sooner or later!

[Mr. Si, I heard that you and Ye Wan Wan fought, are you okay? Don't you worry about Wan Wan, I just went to see her, she's doing quite well.]

There was an image attached to this message, the one she secretly took of Ye Wan Wan with the love letter in plain sight.

With Si Ye Han's observant skills, he would definitely spot the love letter written to Gu Yue Ze!

He would know that after Ye Wan Wan left him, she was feeling great and even aggressively chasing after Gu Yue Ze.

She had to fan the flames now and make Si Ye Han hate Ye Wan Wan without any possibility of changing his mind.

At this moment, Ye Wan Wan was in her hostel.

After Shen Meng Qi left, Ye Wan Wan continued reading but she had the nagging feeling that something was off.

She looked at the corner of her desk subconsciously.

Sure enough, there was a draft of a love letter on the corner. It was written for Gu Yue Ze but she hadn't finished writing it so it hadn't been mailed out.

Tsk, almost forgot about this!

In her previous life, Si Ye Han grounded her and she naturally resisted. Only when she threatened to kill herself did she manage to successfully go back to school. Since Shen Meng Qi kept making trouble, she was unable to attend school for long and her reputation was destroyed.

And the first time Shen Meng Qi made trouble between her and Si Ye Han was by using this love letter.

Even though things were a little different in this life, according to her understanding of Shen Meng Qi, she would never let go of a chance to smear her name even if she broke up with Si Ye Han.

Ye Wan Wan picked up that love letter, spun the pencil in her hand and the corners of her mouth turned up slowly.

Thank goodness this love letter was just a draft and hadn't been addressed to anybody yet.

So, why can't it be written for Si Ye Han?

Ye Wan Wan grabbed her phone, took a picture of the love letter and quickly sent it to Si Ye Han, with a heart-shaped emoticon.

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