Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 21: Her ability to remember everything

Chapter 21: Her ability to remember everything

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There was silence for a moment, then Ye Wan Wan said casually, "I see, like parents like daughter... Then can I say like teacher, like student? F-class is the school's worst class. How do you feel about that, Miss Liang?"

"You... You unruly kid!" Liang Li Hua was so angry that her voice broke.

This stupid girl, how dare she insult my teaching standards!

With F-class having the worst results among the other classes, this had always been a source of agony for her.

All the students in the classroom were speechless.


This Ye Wan Wan actually has the audacity to talk back to the form teacher...

Is this the same Ye Wan Wan who didn't dare to make a sound whenever she got yelled at?

Liang Li Hua laughed coldly, "Ye Wan Wan, did you really think I couldn't handle you? I'll force you to walk through Qing He High School's main gate!"

Ye Wan Wan gave a faint laugh and looked at Liang Li Hua, "What's stopping you, Miss Liang? You're so powerful, of course you can handle a student like me."

Ye Wan Wan purposely added emphasis to "You're so powerful", obviously hinting about Liang Li Hua and the school leader's illicit relationship.

As expected, Liang Li Hua's expression changed.

Although Ye Wan Wan didn't have any proof, nor would people believe anything she said, if she merely spread the rumours around, that would be enough. There'd definitely be people who'd investigate--especially since the school leader's wife was a school teacher as well.

This stupid girl, how dare she threaten her!


The official bell rang, indicating the start of lessons and broke the stalemate.

Liang Li Hua's face darkened and said angrily, "There is only one more week left until exams. Thanks to you, lessons were interrupted! I'll deal with you later!"

Forget it, this stupid girl will be leaving in a couple of days. There is no need to blow up the matter now.

"Everybody, please turn to page 72 of your textbook!"

The students sighed in disappointment, seeing that the drama had ended.

Senior year classes were spent completing numerous major and minor exams. The exam this time was considered more important and the seats would be reallocated based on the results.

Ye Wan Wan swept through the contents of the textbook and closed her eyes.

Within the next second, the contents of the textbook were imprinted clearly within her mind.

It was known to very little people that she had the ability to remember everything she read.

Once she read the information in the textbook, she would be able to pen everything down, even without going through her brain.

How well she performed was totally dependent on how well she wanted to perform.

Unfortunately, results and scores to the Ye Wan Wan of the past didn't mean anything--her heart was never focused on her studies.

If she wanted the school to eradicate the decision to expel her, the examination this time around was crucial.

Although it was a little rushed with a week left to study, it was sufficient for her.

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