Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 216: Dumb humans!

Chapter 216: Dumb humans!

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Dumb humans!

They actually made me sit here like a dumb stone lion to wait for this dumb woman and even made me wear this dumb thing around my neck!

Ye Wanwan loved Great White's arrogant "dumb humans" expression. She picked up her phone and relentlessly took many pictures of it, including many selfies with it.

Xu Yi watched as Ye Wanwan fearlessly circled around Si Lu Te and the cold sweat on his forehead nearly dripped.

Did Ye Wanwan take the wrong medicine today...? She used to be so scared of Si Lu Te before.

Thankfully, Ye Wanwan knew her limits and circled around it without touching it. If she hurt this little devil, there'd be chaos on earth.

To be honest, Ye Wanwan really wanted to touch it but she knew that Si Lu Te hated having people touch it so she didn't force it. She could only look at its furry head and meaty body.

It'd be great if one day, Great White lets me to touch it...

"Housekeeper Xu? How're my vegetables?"

"Don't worry, Miss. They've been properly cared for by a professional."

"Quick, let me take a look!" Ye Wanwan said excitedly. She turned to the white tiger and said, "Great White, Great White, do you want to follow me to see the cabbage I've grown?"

The corners of Xu Yi's mouth twitched, "I think Great White... Si Lu Te isn't too interested."

It isn't a vegetarian!

Sigh, I was influenced by Ye Wanwan and actually called Si Lu Te, Great White!

Ye Wanwan was disappointed, "Uh, all right then! Great White, I'm going to the vegetable garden to take a quick look. I'll play with you later!"

Ye Wanwan left for the yard in a jiffy after she put her school bag down.

Certainly, the fruits and vegetables that were planted before she left were very well taken care of-- the fruit trees had started to sprout, the sunflowers were half-grown, some of the fast-growing vegetables were almost ripe and ready to be picked, the fish in the pond were all lively and plump and not far off, there were even a few yellow chicks looking for food...

The yard that had been as cold and terrible as a golden silk cage now had the warmth and gentle breath of the sunset everywhere.

Ye Wanwan inspected the fruits of her labour happily while a certain housekeeper followed behind her, bleeding internally. The Jin garden created by a world-renowned architect turned into a farm, just like that...

However, ever since Jin garden had been messily transformed by Ye Wanwan, the whole place had a more relaxing vibe to it.

At least the servants didn't have to fear for their lives as they took care of those expensive flowers and trees or worry that Ye Wanwan would destroy them.

Seeing that Ye Wanwan had returned, they even fought for credit--one of them said he took care of the fresh cabbage while another said he took care of the carrots, making Xu Yi shift between laughter and tears.

Ye Wanwan made an entire round from the front to the back of the yard and plucked a few fresh vegetables ready to be eaten, then she finally headed back, satisfied.

As she reached the living room, she saw Si Ye Han walking down the stairs. He glanced at the basket in her hand. "You're back."

Ye Wanwan immediately straightened up, "Yup yup, I saw Great White! And even went to look at the vegetables I grew. Look, they've grown well!"

Si Ye Han replied plainly, "Mhm."

Ye Wanwan blinked. Why do I have a feeling Si Ye Han's in a bad mood, huh !

Xu Yi by the side: "..."

The first thing you did when you returned was look for Great White and the second thing you did was check on the cabbage--how could master be in a good mood?!

But he would never admit that his master, who struck fear into people, was jealous of a tiger and some cabbage!


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