Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 215: Can't you please a woman yourself?

Chapter 215: Can't you please a woman yourself?

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Downstairs, Xu Yi was just helping Ye Wanwan with her luggage when he couldn't help but overhear the conversation between Ye Wanwan and her friend.

Ye Wanwan applied for tutoring classes? How come I don't know about it?

After all, he was in charge of all matters regarding Ye Wanwan.

Could it be that master helped her apply?

Jiang Yan Ran was relieved when she heard that, "A math teacher who you say is fantastic? He must be really good!"

"Yup yup, don't worry. Focus on working hard yourself, too! Well, I'm taking off then! Don't forget to miss me!" Ye Wanwan walked over to give her a hug.

Jiang Yan Ran blushed and pouted at her helplessly, "Hurry and get going! I'll see you on Monday, okay?"

Ever since Ye Wanwan stopped putting on her hideous makeup, her face was simply so attractive that even a woman like her couldn't resist, much less a man.

Thankfully, Ye Wanwan's boyfriend came to school yesterday and thwarted the intentions of any hopeful guys.

Jiang Yan Ran looked towards Xu Yi and lamented softly, "I really didn't expect that your boyfriend is Si Xia's uncle--everyone said he's a great influence. Some people were saying that he might even be that mysterious master of the Si family, Si Ye Han. After all, his aura's so strong; you can tell right away he isn't just any ordinary person..."

*cough cough cough* Ye Wanwan choked when she heard that and quickly denied it, "How can that be?! That's indulging in a fantasy! If Si Ye Han is my boyfriend, then the president of country M is my dad!"

Xu Yi at the side: "..."

Jiang Yan Ran chuckled, "I also thought it was impossible. After all, Si Ye Han's famous--how could us regular people meet him so easily? Everybody was just making wild guesses. Anyway, it's said that Si Ye Han looks terrifying and scary so how could that dashing and gentle man be him?"

Also, all the sons in the Si family were in the top professional schools of the country or international training camps. They received professional grooming and education as kids, so what reason could they have for appearing at a private school in the country?

Even if that man was somewhat related to the Si family, he was probably a really distant relative!

However, even so, as long as he's related to the Si family, he's already admired by ordinary people.


Ye Wanwan forced a laugh, "Yes, yes! My boyfriend's very gentle, very gentle..."

After she bid farewell to Jiang Yan Ran, Ye Wanwan left with Xu Yi.

Before leaving, Xu Yi instinctively cast an investigative look over at Jiang Yan Ran.

So this girl is Ye Wanwan's new roommate?

It was so hard to get rid of the last one; please be one of the good ones...

But from what he'd found out so far, judging by her family background and his first impression, this girl seemed fine. Hopefully, she wouldn't end up to be another Shen Meng Qi...

Shortly, the car arrived at Jin garden.

Ye Wanwan glued her face to the car window and looked outside eagerly.

Finally, she saw a white figure crouching outside, without a single hair out of place.

What surprised her the most was that on the white tiger's neck, there was a pink ribbon around it-- It was so dashing and cute, transforming it into a moe [1].

"Wow! Great White, Great White, Great White——" Ye Wanwan jumped out of the car and pounced onto the white tiger excitedly.

As expected, it gave a great roar directly into her face.

But Ye Wanwan didn't seem to mind and walked around it, persevering and showing it a lot of love.

It was obvious that the white tiger was quite annoyed. By the looks of it, it looked like it wanted to whip her to death with its tail but it didn't have a choice--it was just its luck to have a heartless owner.

He's simply too heartless--can't he please a woman himself? He has to resort to abusing animals?!


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[1]: ”Moe" is a Japanese slang word which generally refers to something an individual finds to be very appealing or cute.

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